SotA Con – A Shroud of the Avatar Fan Convention – Nov. 4-6, 2016

Hail Avatars!

Portalarium is excited to participate in the first ever community organized convention for Shroud of the Avatar – SotA Con East 2016! SotA developers and players alike will be gathering together for a casual for a casual weekend filled with exciting activities, engaging panel discussions, and of course plenty of gameplay sessions.

SotA Con East runs from November 4-6, 2016 in Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland. Registration is still open, so get your tickets by visiting the official event site links below!


Developers Attending

Richard “Lord British” Garriott

Creative Director

“I am humbled and thrilled to be speaking at SotA Con. It’s amazing how passionate our community is in supporting each other around such a great idea as this event, which is entirely organized and driven by the community itself. Even if you are not yet a player of Shroud of the Avatar but are interested in learning more about it, I encourage you to attend!”

Starr “Darkstarr” Long

Executive Producer

“Talking directly to the players about the game’s development is super important to me, and what better way to do that than in person. I really look forward to getting to know everyone that can make it to SotA Con. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets to the event, do it! SotA Con is going to be a blast!”

Mathew “Berek” Anderson

Senior Community Manager

“I am so impressed by this community! SotA Con is a magnificent face-to-face event that is going to be perfect to get players together for one fun weekend. I can’t wait to arrive and get to know everyone in person, play the game with others, and have a ton of fun celebrating what the community has built in the game so far!”

About SotA Con

SotA Con is entirely planned and funded by the players, for the players and developers. This once again shows how our passionate and dedicated players are creating exciting opportunities for the rest of the community, and succeeding magnificently.

The event’s planning team had the following to say:

SotA Con creates a casual Shroud of the Avatar themed gathering so players and developers can come together, grow together, and share ideas. This is essentially a huge player gathering with the developers and lots of things to do, even for the whole family!

We have a hotel conference room for the discussions, a board-game room, and a large hospitality suite open each evening. We are also planning a group King’s Tournament Dinner at Medieval Times: Baltimore Castle on Saturday night (Nov. 5th) — Lord British will be with us!  Baltimore Inner Harbor is a great place with many museums, restaurants, attractions, sports and more, so bring your family too for a wonderful vacation.  Take a look here about the Inner Harbor.

You are encouraged to dress in medieval garb to add to the fun, though it is not required. Just dress casually to enjoy the weekend. Bring your Sword of Midras book and other collectables for Lord British and Darkstarr to sign! You can also bring a board game to hang out in the game room, or a laptop to play Shroud of the Avatar with others.  How you want to have fun during the event is up to you!

There are panel discussions, lots of Q&A, and plenty of hanging out with players and the devs.  The main stage discussions will be:

  1. Foundations of Shroud of the AvatarRichard Garriott will describe the path he took to become the Creative Director of Shroud of the Avatar. His discussion includes the 400 years of backstory prior to the setting of Shroud of the Avatar (including some of the real world events between Ultima and SotA).
  2. Building New Britannia Starr Long will lead a discussion about building Novia systems and design and the making of Shroud of the Avatar.  This covers using Unity and custom tools and also provides an overview of the creation of Shroud of the Avatar from concept to Early Access in three years.  He will describe how crowdsourcing and crowdfunding has helped and hurt along with what Portalarium expects over the next three years. This session will be the ideal place for discussion around world design and essential game systems.
  3. The Story of the AvatarRichard Garriott will discuss the storyline and virtue within Shroud of the Avatar.  This will be a focus on the single player and party narrative within Shroud of the Avatar and will likely include backstory spoilers and details. This session will be the ideal place for discussion around single player story and virtue.
  4. The Heroes of New BritanniaRichard Garriott will discuss “encouraging and controlling the sandbox storyline.”  He will describe how Portalarium is telling a multiplayer virtue narrative with a single player story. Find out about things that can affect your virtue and how that can change the world around you. This session will be the ideal place for discussion around multiplayer story and questing.
  5. Framing the BoxStarr Long will talk about systems and community growth based on the sandbox side of Shroud of the Avatar.  The focus will be on how developer interaction with the player community has led new capabilities for the community-at-large, such as making the gustball for Bambino and the battle banner for Violation to support community events. This session will be the ideal place for discussion around multiplayer systems and non-essential game design.
  6. See the full schedule-at-a-glance here.

    Join The Event!

    Here is how to join in on the fun this Nov. 4-6, 2016 in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland:

Since SotA Con East 2016 is the first SotA convention of its kind, be among the first to hear details on the proceeding and sure to be epic SotA Con Central 2017 event!

If you have any questions, you can reach organizers through the official website at, and can discuss the event on the SotA Forums Post with other attendees.

See you there Avatars!

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