Pledge Information

Shroud of the Avatar is a crowdfunded game and depends on you, the players, for support. If you already pledged here or through Steam Early Access, then we greatly appreciate your support. If you are considering pledging, then we welcome you to join our growing community of backers that are helping fund the development of Shroud of the Avatar!

We have over 20 pledge tiers available containing over a hundred exclusive rewards. Choose the reward Tier that’s right for you, pledge your support, or upgrade your existing pledge, and get all the exclusive Rewards while they are still available. Once you pledge, you can immediately start playing the game, allowing you to experience it while it is being developed. And we invite you to help guide the future of the game by joining our forums and sharing your feedback!

Be sure and check out the exclusive items in the Add-On Store, explore your very own Player Owned Town, or contribute to a charity in the Make a Difference Store.

Although our public forums can be read by everyone, posting privileges require a minimum $5 Forum Pledge, which can be upgraded to a full game pledge at any time (Steam purchases also include forum posting privileges). Please click here to purchase your $5 Forum Pledge. If you pledged through Kickstarter you will need to link your Kickstarter account for forum posting privileges.


As major milestones such as Alpha and Beta loom closer on the horizon, we have begun expiring some pledges, rewards, and related services, as outlined below.

Summer 2015 Expirations

The Summer 2015 Expiration Event occurred at Midnight CST, August 31, 2015. Those expirations included:

  • Select Pledges (including their specific rewards):
    • $220 Patron Pledge
    • $375 Navigator Pledge
    • $450 Developer Pledge
  • Darkstarr rewards, including Darkstarr emote (all tiers), cloak (Founder tier), metronome (Virtual Collector tier), and moondial (Citizen tier)
  • Signed physical goods (Patron pledge and above)
  • Home and basement stacking (Ancestor pledge and above)
  • Secondary lots (Lord pledge and above)

Read full details of the August 31, 2015 expirations here…

Fall 2015 Expirations

The Fall 2015 Expiration Event occurred at Midnight CST, November 2, 2015. Those expirations included:

  • Future Episodes 2,3,4 & 5 of Shroud of the Avatar (Royal Artisan, Explorer, and Explorer – All Digital tiers)
  • Additional Character Slots 2 & 3 (Virtual Collector and Ancestor tiers)
  • Waterfront Homes & Lots (including Cabana, German Cabana, Lighthouse, Houseboat, Galleon, Castle, and Castle with Keeps)

Read full details of the November 2, 2015 expirations here…

Winter 2015 Expirations

The Winter 2015 Expiration Event occurred at 10:30 am CST, January 4, 2016. Those expirations included:

  • Custom Crest (Virtual Collector), Name on Tombstone (Ancestor), Custom Avatar (Duke, Lord of the Manor 1 & 2)
  • All Physical Rewards (Explorer, Collector, and Citizen pledge and above)
  • All In-Person Rewards (Baron 1 pledge and above)
  • Player Owned Town Add-On Store Houses

Read full details of the January 4, 2016 expirations here…

Spring 2016 Expirations

The Spring 2016 Expiration Event occurred at 10:30 am 10:00 pm CT, May 2, 2016. Those expirations included the following pledges and all of their rewards:

  • Immortal Adventurer
  • Virtual Collector
  • Collector
  • Navigator [originally expired August 31, 2015 for backers below Patron level]
  • Developer [originally expired August 31, 2015 for backers below Patron level]
  • Citizen
  • Knight
  • Lord
  • Baron 1/2/3

Read full details of the May 2, 2016 expirations here…

Summer 2016 Expirations, Part 1

The Summer 2016 Expiration Event, Part 1 occurred at Midnight CDT (5:00 UTC) on July 27, 2016. Those expirations included the homes and basements from the Ancestor, Edelmann, Knight Marshal, Lord Marshal, Duke, and Lord of the Manor 2 pledges. We also expired new Player Owned Towns (upgrades of existing POTs will continue to be available). All other rewards (including tax free property deeds) that are currently available in the remaining pledges will continue to be available until the Summer 2016 Expiration Event, Part 2, which occurs at Midnight CDT (5:00 UTC) on August 22, 2016.

Read full details of the July 27, 2016 expirations here…

Summer 2016 Expirations, Part 2

The Summer 2016 Expiration Event, Part 2 occurred at Midnight CDT (5:00 UTC) on August 22, 2016. All remaining pledges expired, including: Adventurer, Founder, Royal Artisan, Explorer, Ancestor, Edelmann, Knight Marshal, Lord Marshal, Duke, and Lord of the Manor 2.

Read full details of the August 22, 2016 expirations here…