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In addition to items available in the store below, there are hundreds of similar items that can be found and/or crafted in-game. No purchases beyond the base game access is required to have a full game experience. For craftable items, ask around Player Owned Towns for community vendor locations!

Additionally, in Offline mode all game content will be available in-game for in-game gold including ALL the Add On Store content. Gold Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) can also be acquired to obtain items and services.

Crown Bonus is Happening Now! All new purchases of $15 or more (including Bundles, Bundle upgrades, Add-On items, Player Owned Town upgrades, or Make a Difference items) between 10:30 am CDT September 28, 2017 and Midnight CST December 1, 2017 are eligible for this Gold Crown bonus!

*Some items may be rounded to 20% by a few fractions of a percent.

******Not ready to purchase any items yet? Get the Free Trial here!******

FOR FREE TRIAL VISITORS: Purchased items cannot be accessed after a Free Trial is over, unless you purchase Game Access.

NOTE: You will need a Property deed or Player Owned Town to place Home and Outdoor decorations. Some decorations do not fit on all property sizes. See item description for details. Also visit the Make a Difference Store for our charity items!