May 29, 2013
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Austin, TX


Portalarian Emeritus, Male, from Austin, TX

Thanks livestreamers for submitting your channel to our new program! If you have a channel to add, please PM both myself AND Cerus. Apr 6, 2018

    1. Lord Blackthorne
      Lord Blackthorne
      Hey Berek!

      Thanks for the opportunity to be considered for streaming for the game!

    2. Ambros Fox
    3. Blackghost
      Hey Derek! How are you, I miss you a lot dude !!
    4. rpgmaniac82
      Heya berek where can we recieve the 9 cotos from the facebook enigma? my in game name is Galahad Dragonsbane thank you!! :D
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        Hi! We'll be awarding those today, congrats on winning! The COTOs will be added to your account.
        Jun 11, 2018
    5. Zeddicus Zorander
      Zeddicus Zorander
      How about Cottage Grove? Cottage Grove is the gateway to Brittany!
      1. Berek likes this.
    6. Guilford
      Channel link
      Streaming - All days after 20 pm est
      Yes i wish to be included in the calendar
      Grinding, Lost Vale, Quest and farming with my clan (Control points, dung etc)
      Shroud character name - Guilford
      Language, English and PT BR
      Calendar as likely being on-air.
      Any day after 20 pm im starting to play with the stream on.
    7. Grympfly
      i have group and guild
    8. moonling
      i have guild shadow people and group
    9. Hicks_206
      Would love to be included in the Streamer program. I'm a Twitch partner - and will be picking my stream back up very shortly.
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        Awesome, sounds good Hicks_206. We'd love to have you join!
        May 2, 2018
    10. n00bjames
      Hey there! (those are zeros)
      Daily at 4pm EST
      Yes, I want to be included in the calendar.
      I'm a variety streamer, laid back, but I love end game content. I'm new to SOTA but absolutely love it and stream it daily.
      I go by "James"
      My in game character is Astramelan Frost
      1. Berek likes this.
    11. EightbitX
      hey Barek! just wanted to see if it would be possible for me to join the streamer program. my twitch is and now that i have did some major upgrades to my machine i do plan on streaming this game alot to help get it out there. thanks!
      1. n00bjames likes this.
    12. djayrams
      Hi, I usually duo the game in multiplayer (sometimes pvp) with my brother 4-5x per week. My Twitch ID is djayrams :) cheers
      1. Berek likes this.
    13. Arturius Magnus
      Arturius Magnus
      Hello Berek, I am the owner of the Twitter account @arturius_mx that posted the pic mentioned in Avatars Update #276.

      I'm supposed to contact you, apparently I won 25 COTOs.

      My account name is: Uther

      Thank you VERY VERY MUCH!!!!, I did not even know abput the contest, I just liked the way the throphy room is coming and the fact that I got all 6 bunny hangings, so I just posted it.

      Thanx again!!!
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        Congrats Arturius! Fantastic screenshot, and thanks for participating in the contest! We'll get you that prize right away this week.
        Apr 22, 2018
        Arturius Magnus likes this.
    14. Ffred
      Hey there Berek! I just saw the Shroud of the Avatar credits page and that early backers are listed.

      That is awesome you are doing that! I checked the Royal Founder section for my name and did not see it. Could you add me?

      Thanks much.
      1. Berek likes this.
    15. Waylorn
      Hello Berek,just started a few days ago and during the thele i bought a house (Stone Two-Story Keep) for 50gold crows Yesterday i found out that the same exists for only 20k gold (small old keep) as picture here So i opened a ticket and asked for refund of the 50 gold crows as im buying the 20k version of it Case #: 121709 Can u hurry this pls?
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        Hi Waylorn! I believe our Darkstarr (Starr Long) has responded to you on his account.
        Apr 10, 2018
    16. Quazar2
    17. Nhili Dragon
      Nhili Dragon
      Just happened to look at the credits while waiting to log in and should have been as a Royal Founder not listed at all
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        We'll get this corrected! What name would you like to have listed there after we've confirmed?
        Apr 8, 2018
    18. Berek
      Thanks livestreamers for submitting your channel to our new program! If you have a channel to add, please PM both myself AND Cerus.
    19. gadget
      @Berek i missed being added as a backer on the credits, i'm a Royal Founder Lord level backer, thanks jeff
      1. Berek likes this.
      2. Berek
        We'll get you added, thanks jeff!
        Apr 4, 2018
        gadget likes this.
      3. gadget
        thank you, can you please list my name : Jeff Bond
        Apr 4, 2018
    20. Greyfox
      The Mori POTs are ready for the spotlight. We are Dragomir Mori and Perfectus Mori. @CatherineRose

      Come visit, space available. We are located immediately outside Aerie. @Berek, we can schedule a tour around your schedule.
      1. CatherineRose and Berek like this.
      2. Berek
        Sounds great, will do!
        Mar 21, 2018
      3. Berek
        Hi Greyfox! Just wanted to let you know we're happy to do a spotlight now for your town. Will PM you!
        May 8, 2018
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