Nov 15, 2014
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"I toil in the mines to earn my way in this wicked land! A pox on Mondain!" "I toil for my Brothers and Sisters in Arms!" Dec 31, 2015

    1. Rekih
      super smooth transaction, honest trader.
    2. Gravidy
      Very helpful in getting a big transaction completed. I was a noob at doing this type of thing, and Brickbat guided me through it and made it easy and clear.
    3. Candor Atlantica
      Candor Atlantica
      Brickbat continues to be a valued customer. Thanks again for participating and winning the auction I posted.
    4. Dereck Visaard
      Dereck Visaard
      Brickbat orchestrated a fairly large trade as a 3rd party for me and another player. He was quite professional and prompt in all interactions. He's experienced in many types of deals and let's you know what will happen next. A+++ broker!
    5. Frederick Glasgow
      Frederick Glasgow
      I used Brickbat as a third party in the sale of my town. He took care of everything flawlessly. I would recommend him as a third party to selling large ticket items anytime. He was great to work with.
    6. MrChadwyck
      Very quick town transfer. No problems. Kept me updated with emails on progress and next steps.
      Initiated purchase July 17 and completed on July 20 (most time was waiting for the transfer by Portalarium) .
      Delivery of all items. Answered any questions. Awesome.
    7. Knights_of_White_Satin
      Very Smooth transaction on Pay Pal. Would trade with him again.
    8. SouthEndAL
      Nice and quick. Couldn't have gone better
    9. Grave Dragon
      Grave Dragon
      What can I say about this guy? He's Awesome. You'd do well to do business with him.
    10. Dread Pirate
      Dread Pirate
      Thank you for your purchase Brickbat. Very fast and easy transaction. It was a pleasure doing business with you today :)
    11. Wextel
      Honest and fair person; A fast and smooth trade! :)
    12. greenerpastures
      Thank you for smooth trade and transfer of a POT. Could not have been easier!
      1. Brickbat
        My pleasure, as I indicated if you have any questions just message and I'll do my best to answer them for you.
        May 13, 2017
    13. Arxx
      Hello Brickbat .. I'm ready for the trade we discussed in guild chat ...... that is, if I was understanding you correctly... so talk to me when you can.. Thank you
      1. Brickbat
        Sure, I'll be on Teamspeak tomorrow evening and Saturday or we can start a conversation. Peace, Brickbat
        May 3, 2017
    14. idaniod
      Thank you very much for your professionalism and courtesy. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
    15. Candor Atlantica
      Candor Atlantica
      Thank you for the lot trade Brickbat! (Every step of the trade was easy and without problem)
    16. Roper
      Honest and prompt. Great trade. Highly recommended!
    17. jutman
      quick and easy trader in game! love this guy!
    18. Brickbat
      "I toil in the mines to earn my way in this wicked land! A pox on Mondain!" "I toil for my Brothers and Sisters in Arms!"
    19. Brickbat
      "I toil in the mines to earn my way in this wicked land! A pox on Mondain!" "I toil for my Brothers in Arms in the BMC!"
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