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May 29, 2013
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Browncoat Jayson

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Viewing thread Crafting changes, Aug 12, 2020 at 1:32 PM
    1. Leinad Laurelwreath
      Leinad Laurelwreath
      Wow, did they just delete the whole post on UI feedback? Do they act like this usually instead of just deleting the personal attacks?
      I found your message really good to show what's wrong with the UI
      1. Grimbone and Browncoat Jayson like this.
      2. Browncoat Jayson
        Browncoat Jayson
        Its possible that the original poster deleted it. If they are moderating it, they might have just hidden the thread until it gets unlocked. Either way, Portalarium has access to everything that was there.
        Aug 11, 2016
      3. Leinad Laurelwreath
        Leinad Laurelwreath
        It seems plausible that the OP deleted it :)
        Aug 11, 2016
    2. Dane Sardock
      Dane Sardock
      Are you a Serenity Valley Browncoat? Anyway, I would like to offer some help on the wiki edits. I am knowledgeable with wiki code and scripting, I run a knowledge base for my work that is all wiki. Just wanted to get your ok before I tried to edit anything. My user name on the wiki is the same as here. EDIT: I did edit the epic leather helm recipe, just to make sure I could ;)
      1. Browncoat Jayson likes this.
      2. Browncoat Jayson
        Browncoat Jayson
        Indeed! And welcome to the wiki! Feel free to update things as you find them. If you do change an item or recipe to match in-game, you can update its lastseen tag as well, which will help us keep track of changes. Let me know if you have any questions!
        Jul 15, 2016
      3. Dane Sardock
        Dane Sardock
        Question for you. Do you have templates for new pages and is there a way to make mass changes? I was looking at some of the dye and edited dark green, but they all have cooking pots on there, was going to change them all to the tanning knife.
        Jul 15, 2016
    3. Jordan Joestar
    4. blaquerogue
      Your my first Virtual Editor, so now im following you! How much in game gold do you charge? :)
      1. Browncoat Jayson likes this.
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