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Oct 25, 1985 (Age: 32)


Travian Senior Community Manager, Male, 32

Moderator SOTA Developer

Note for our Livestreamres: Please contact Chris via PM about your streaming activities, instead of writing on the profile page :) Apr 24, 2018

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    1. Guilford
      Channel link https://www.twitch.tv/panarev
      Streaming - All days after 20 pm est
      Yes i wish to be included in the calendar
      Grinding, Lost Vale, Quest and farming with my clan (Control points, dung etc)
      Shroud character name - Guilford
      Language, English and PT BR
      Calendar as likely being on-air.
      Any day after 20 pm im starting to play with the stream on.
    2. danny1956
      If I have an idea I think will benefit the game, who do I submit it to.
    3. n00bjames
      Hey there!
      www.twitch.tv/n00bjames (those are zeros)
      Daily at 4pm EST
      Yes, I want to be included in the calendar.
      I'm a variety streamer, laid back, but I love end game content. I'm new to SOTA but absolutely love it and stream it daily.
      I go by "James"
      My in game character is Astramelan Frost
    4. EightbitX
      Cerus, i didnt get my blazon approved yet, but i found a better version of the icon i wanted to use.. is it possible to get it reset for free? please? thank you.
    5. EightbitX
      Hello Cerus! just wanted to see if it would be possible for me to join the streamer program. my twitch is http://www.twitch.tv/uncledeathx and now that i have did some major upgrades to my machine i do plan on streaming this game alot to help get it out there. thanks!
    6. Quazar2
      Hi Cerus:

      Channel link (Twitch or any service!): https://www.twitch.tv/icewolfruss
      Times you will be likely streaming: Monday-Friday; 8am - 5pm
      calendar: Yes
      Relatively new player trying out everything and becoming a master-swordsman.
      Any mention of streaming themes, such as: “I PvP on Saturdays and craft on Sundays”
      Name you wish to be referred by: Ruzz IceWolf
      Shroud character name: Ruzz IceWolf
    7. Cerus
      Note for our Livestreamres: Please contact Chris via PM about your streaming activities, instead of writing on the profile page :)
    8. djayrams
      Channel - http://www.twitch.tv/djayrams
      Times - Evening time (random till midnight PST) 4-5x per week
      Yes/No for Calendar - Sure :)
      About Channel- I mostly love playing MMORPG but sometimes take a break and play other niche as well. I prefer PvE and some PvP gameplay
      Themes - Exploring / Leveling skills
      Name - djayrams
      Shroud name - Rams Yaeger
      Language - English
    9. Guilford

      Times you will be likely streaming - 20-23 hs all days
      Yes i you wish to be included in the calendar
      Informal channel, playing with friends Shround of Avatar.

      Farming and grinding to lvl up

      Shroud character name is Guilford

      Language you use in your streams, English and portugues BR

    10. Commissarvodka
      Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/commissarvodka
      I stream everyday: Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm GMT Weekend 6pm-9pm
      Yes I would love to be part of your Calendar
      My channel is about showing my glorious follows games I enjoy!
      My main theme for the channel is gaming marathons.
      I'd like to be referred as CommissarVodka
      My main character is Vashyron Hawke, my streams are: ENG
    11. Dai Amon
      Dai Amon
      Hi Cerus,

      I would like to join the LiveStreamer Program.
      You can find my channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/dai_amon
      I am mostly streaming in the evenings and on the weekends
      Calender would make no sense as I cannot guarantee streaming times.
      I am mostly adventuring and crafting and I am now hosting a Tavern in Salisbury Plains.
      Please refer to my IG Name Dai Amon
      Stream is German, English if needed :)
    12. Lady Kathleen
      Lady Kathleen
      Greetings Cerus,
      I wish to join the LiveStreamer Program
      My Channel is https://www.twitch.tv/lady_kathleen
      Stream: English
      Times: Varied
      Game Name Kat Kalagaz
      I also have set you up to host before I knew of the program.
      I am already in the Affiliate Program
    13. Torque
      Hi Cerus,
      I wish to join LiveStreamer Program.
      My Channel is www.twitch.tv/torque_official
      Stream: ENG/GER
      Times: unprompted
      I /host your stream later
      Name: Torque
      I want 9 COTOs and a nice "Streamer Title" please
    14. Arieus
      Hello Cerus,
      It's Lee aka Arieus, aka the guy from the AERIE Fund / Streamer.
      I'm just getting a chance to let you know I'm here and you told me to contact you on the forums. :)

      My direct email is chedbetter@gmail.com OR arieusstream@gmail.com (regarding Twitch things)
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    Oct 25, 1985 (Age: 32)