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Sep 23, 2021 at 1:13 PM
    1. Carpe Noctem Diem
      Carpe Noctem Diem
      Just had my account hacked, I logged into a deal where I was buying sparks. I wish I had more info for you but can you please suspend my account. This was not me and I don't know what is going on. I have been taking a break from the game. Please seize my account I don't want to loose anything . Thank you
    2. BelGarian3
      Any more updates for skill trees? I've been away for a while helping out with COVID-19 response. The game has had some awesome features added. Well done.
    3. Harry Giannias
      Harry Giannias
      just want to say love your mmo, keep up the great updates and happy holiday season to you and your family....incl. pets :)
    4. KPblCKA
      Hello, do you need a moderator of the Russian section? And should he speak English?
    5. Lawro
      Hi Chris, I sent you a conversation/PM regarding the physical collector's edition, please get back to me when you can (I appreciate you're a super busy man at the moment, so only when you've got a spare moment, no rush!) Thanks!
    6. Kyosa
    7. Holt
      A round of cheer from ye ol' Grandmaster!
    8. Soulprayer
    9. Chastain
      Hi, I was told you could tell me how to use my free name change voucher?
    10. mittens
      Hello Chris, I pledged the Ancestor level on kickstarter (2014-06-12) and have not received anything - is this still shipping?
      Thank you!
    11. Gamehorder
      Hi Chris. Do I need to contact you for updating my shipping address for the physical release from KS?
    12. Old Man2
      Old Man2
      Greetings! You honoring 20% additional COTO till 9PM tonight for purchases?
    13. Boo Ladedada
      Boo Ladedada
      My account not allowed to reply to anything or post anything wondered if i did something wrong and just not been told yet
    14. Redhammer
      Greetings - Sorry to bother you but... I have some thoughts i would like to pass on but I don't feel the forums are the correct format... The truth is I am not a big forum person, they give me headaches...I would like to pass on comments, ideas and thoughts and was wondering if this would be possible outside the forums...even like a service e-mail address would be good...

      Thanks for listening :) and take care...
    15. ZODROT
      Likewise, we could do the same thing with re-rolling the MW/enchantment buff chosen. So it would turn into Choose A,B, C, or pay 0.05% of your total experience to ignore this roll so you can try again.
      mb just pay crafting exp for all this stuff and scale it for crafting lvl , lvl 10-20 x , lvl 60-70 10x, lvl 80+ 100x
    16. Merv DeGriff
      Merv DeGriff
      Like the work blog, keep it up!
      Don't let the internet forum salt get to you!
    17. Grimbone
      Just wanted to say you and the team are doing a great job. Have a wonderful holiday!
      1. Chris likes this.
    18. Draggin
      Hail Adventurers!

      Chris, Thank you so much for taking your time and having the guts to stick your neck out and talk to us. Rarity in the Dev world these days. (C-64 Ultima 1 through UO player here.)
    19. Gubbles
      Hello Chris, fellow developer! Stout, IPA, whiskey, or cocktail with an umbrella?
    20. Midgard TheDragonKing
      Midgard TheDragonKing
      Ok I probably talked to you at the Easter event but now I'm not sure what theme you where.
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