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Wiltshire, England

Fox Cunning

Localization Team, from Wiltshire, England

Concotcing wyrd potions... Nov 1, 2013

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Oct 27, 2018
    1. Jocularis
      grazie per il tuo lavoro, Fox.
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      2. Fox Cunning
        Fox Cunning
        E' un vero piacere.
        Feb 10, 2016
    2. Fox Cunning
      Fox Cunning
      Concotcing wyrd potions...
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    Wiltshire, England
    Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
    And the heart and the will and the power:
    They moved the earth; they carved the stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
    That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire
    Now men asked who they were, how they built and wonder why
    That they wrought standing stones of such size
    What was done 'neath our shade? What was pray'ed 'neath our skies
    As we stood on the wyrd plains of Wiltshire
    Oh what secrets we could tell if you'd listen and be still
    Rid the stink and the noise from our skirts
    But you haven't got the clue and perhaps you never will
    Mute we stand on the cold plains of Wiltshire
    Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away
    And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
    That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why
    Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire


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