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    1. Lorde
      Thank you for the smooth transaction.
    2. UncleBenny
      Flawless transaction with great communication. A+
    3. General Hanabi
      General Hanabi
      Fast and easy trade. Thanks
    4. Sir Stile Teckel
      Sir Stile Teckel
      Fantastic buyer, smooth transaction. Can we do it again please?
    5. Dhanas
      Great comunication, perfect and easy trade! Thank you
    6. Net
      Great communication, patience with the game mathcmaking, would be happy to do business again.
    7. Mindtrip
      Helvig, thanks for the recipes this week. You are awesome, thanks!
    8. The Hendoman
      The Hendoman
      I liked your post offering to help people through the siege because I'm thankful you are offering help for newer players. :) Very nice of you
    9. Falstaff
      Great communication. Very simple trade. Pleasure to do business with!
    10. Candonar
      Da bin ich, freundesliste gibt glaub ich nicht oder?
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  • About

    "Hardcore" Roleplayer.

    Will roleplay in English, German, and Swedish (speaking all three languages fluently). Can help in Italian and French, if required, but am a bit rusty in these languages. Don't hesitate to ask me questions, I like to help.

    Previous characters:
    • Laele'aell Ul'ilindith (UO Sanctuary)
    • Felyndrae Ump'tu (UO Catskills - Qu'ellar Lassrinnus Venorik))
    • Finn (UO Catskills - United Pirates)
    • Annalyn Darkmane (UO Catskills - Blackrose Society)
    • Geyrahoed (UO Grimmwold)
    • Germaine du Gant d'Acier (UO Grimmwold)
    • Signe (UO Grimmwold)
    • Aythara Everdoom (UO Catskills - Bedlam House of Takissis)
    • Rahja (UO Sanctuary)
    • Moth (UO Sanctuary)
    • Hal'rah K'helan (UO Catskills - Qu'ellar d'Elamshin)
    • Elkantar Luen (UO Catskills - Independent Darkelves)
    • Svanhild Ulffridsdottir (UO Comraich)
    • Ysandra Everdoom (UO Catskils)
    • Alistra Snowfall (UO Drachenfels)
    • Mora Dunkelkind (UO Drachenfels)
    • Hexenbrut (UO Drachenfels)
    • Captain Pain (UO Catskills)
    • Sister Chastity (UO Catskills)


    Það kann eg annað
    er Þurfu ýta synir
    Þeir er vilja læknar lifa.

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