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    House Uther: A long standing House. Generations of compassionate, loving people who housed refugees and estranged alike. Their goal, to use the wealth they have come into to care for those that need it. To help those that are lost, or alone. To love those that are lost.

    House Uther has been graced with the opportunity to share wealth, having been blessed with keen business sense, an incredible work ethic and a genuine desire to improve the lives of those around them.

    In the recent past, great tragedy has befallen House Uther. After hosting a charity dinner and closing the doors to clean and make ready for the next day, an unknown assailant stole the lives of both Archduke and Archduchess Uther, leaving their young daughter, Patrina Uther in succession. Patrina, now Archduchess Uther, struggles as she grasps the tragedy at her feet with the Virtue of Compassion (Love) and the Virtues of Justice and Valor (vengeance) competing.

    Her House a-shambles and her faith shaken, she forges ahead to make a future.

    Their colors, a regal deep purple and black. Their symbol, a cross with 2 lions, one on either side, rising up to defend. Purple background, gold cross, white lions.


    Lady Patrina Uther
    House Uther of the Serenite Kingdom