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Aug 18, 2013
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New Britannian Market

Lord Andernut

Avatar, Male, from New Britannian Market

On vacation! Back the last week of January :) Jan 11, 2018

    1. Royou
      Lord Andernut is an outstanding truely Awesome guy, he is very professional and understanding, and I am very grateful for his assistance and help. He is truly and asset to the SoTA community.
    2. Lord Vulbrig
      Lord Vulbrig
      Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what I could sell my F lord marshall pledge for. Thanks.
    3. Lutyi
      Hi, I would very much like you r help with selling my F Knight pledge. Thanks! :)
    4. Bumnog2
      Just wanted to say that Lord Andernut is awesome! Very professional and dilligent with the account transfer, I'm very grateful for his assistance. He is truly and asset to the SoTA community. Cheers!
    5. Cinderella
      Do you have a Lord Founder Knight Pledge? If so what is included and what does it include?
    6. Cinderella
      I was wondering what all you had for sale.
    7. That one dude
      That one dude
      Hello sir I am looking to sell a RF Royal Artisan account. I was wondering if you could help me out with this.
      1. Ravicus Sales likes this.
    8. SinDee
      Hail lord andernut I had sent you a pm regarding assistance with a pledge account trade. I know your very busy and hope this reaches you. Have a great day!
    9. bloodrunner1234
      Hello I am looking for a tax free deed for $100.00 or less. I am a 2 time cancer survivor and on disability. Some one got me the game. I would love to get a tax free deed before finale wipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    10. Gnick Gnack
      Gnick Gnack
      how much is overland access for pots going for these days?
    11. Shield
      Hi, hope you are well.

      I sent you a PM (conversation) about buying a pledge a week ago. Not had a reply so thinking you may have missed it. Have resent today.

      Thanks and take care.
    12. Roper
      I sent you a PM regarding the RFB2 pledge. Thanks for your services. - C
    13. Lighthouse13
      Sorry, but I sent you a PM through (Start a Conversation) didn't know if you received it. I need your assistance on Two Pledge Purchases. Awaiting your reply. :)
    14. Cianna
      My dear, Lord Andernut, I am in the market for a lower level pledge that includes a printing press. It's the press I'm most interested in, so the pledge level is negotiable. At your convenience, please let me know if you might have access to such a thing. My gratitude, good sir.
    15. Fingers
      I have made an account, but no pledge or anything. Looking to possibly buy 2 citizens pre-launch tiers. Assistance much appreciated! Thank you!
    16. scorn
      Hello question i been backing since kick starter and i was wording, if at ealderman sice i was backing since kick starter, do i get more than one dead ? thought you might know
      1. Lord Andernut
        Lord Andernut
        Hey there - I tend to write PMs in response to wall comments but this is a question I get fairly often. You get one property claiming deed. (You may choose multiple house rewards from the lower pledge levels, but you get just one property on which to place your home).

        You would only get two tax-free deeds from a pledge if it was at Lord or higher prior to the 2015 Expiration event.
        Feb 1, 2016
    17. Lomyr Edain
      Lomyr Edain
      Do you know where I can get a pavilion?
    18. Roycestein Kaelstrom
      Roycestein Kaelstrom
      Are there any RF Knight Marshal pledge available for sale?

      Thank you!
    19. EclipseMaiden
      Hello again Lord Andernut, is there anyway i can get a founder account? I am up to knight currently. I was invited as one of the first streamers and have fallen in love with the game and would like to get founder if possible. Eclipse
    20. WhichWay
      Hello I would lik to hire your services to sell a Eidleman founder acct please let me know if you are interested how to proceed
      thank you
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