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Aug 16, 2018
May 28, 2013
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Lum the Mad

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Aug 16, 2018
    1. Mugly Wumple
      Mugly Wumple
      Anytime, Anyplace
      Filbert Eggcup
      Daphne DuMurier
    2. Razimus
      Any town
      Any NPC
      Name "Melkolmur"

      Rejecting a Kickstarter backer for no good reason isn't a smart move I'm a UDIC member, Dr. Pepper Dragon, lifelong Ultima fan, UO fan, Portalarium supporter since day 1, beta tested Ultimate Collector Garage Sale, submitted multiple bugs for that game, awaited the release of the Ultimate RPG, was happy to Kickstart, upgraded my pledge for "Design an NPC".
    3. Deathadder
      Submission for Harvest
      Lemmy Hawkwind
      Combat Trainer
      Lemmy was one hell raiser in his younger days and has many a tale to tell about his adventures across known lands. He always quick to help and point you in the right direction for a bit of coin. He prides himself on the skills or weapons he has to offer as he has mastered them all during his younger days.
    4. Alserian Valandr
      Alserian Valandr
      Submission for Harvest

      Npc name Manaka Thines
      Npc male
      Npc magical supply vendor
      NPC look Wizard outfit old grey hair long grey beard

      Background Manaka Thines age is unknown. He has wondered Novia for many years children have seen him when they we're young and agian when they we're very old..Legends abound about this mysterious traveler...It is time to settle down.

      (I played UO with this character)
    5. Warrior B'Patrick
      Warrior B'Patrick
      NPC Submission for Harvest
      Mark Cat
      Public Vendor
      Brother to David Cat in New Fawn. Frequently talks about his brothers Pub.
      "Greetings Outlander don't you look Beautiful today"
      "Buying and selling things, just no snakes!"
    6. Thief
      NPC name:Altan
      NPC gender:Male
      NPC profession (first choice):Trainer
      NPC profession (second choice):Guard
      NPC background (optional): Altan is a friendly person who enjoys country-side and bored of the city due to crowd.
    7. Norah East
      Norah East
      Npc for Estgard,. NPC name:Mickey, gender:male, profession1: herds the sheep, #2 herds the chickens
      Mickey is a boarder collie with blue eyes.
      He would look at the players, but his profession is the most important.
      Mickey passed away four years ago. I think of him every day. He had many titles in dog agility. I would love to go to Estgard and see him!
    8. Warrior B'Patrick
      Warrior B'Patrick
      @warrior B'Patrick
      Crafting Trainer:
      Crafting Merchant:
      Ebo started crafting beautiful pieces made of wood when he was young. His skill as a woodworker matured as he did but when the fighting broke out he went to do his part. During one of the pitched battles he was wounded and returned home to do the one thing he loved. He is now a (Crafting Trainer/Merchant) in the town of Estgard.
    9. Dark Wombat
      Dark Wombat
      I just want to personally thank you for putting the feature I requested in Release 22, having the option to have NPC conversations with the camera where it is, instead of zooming it in. It is really going to make a big difference for me, and I am sure others. Thanks again!
    10. King Dane
      King Dane
      "World of Call of Halo's Dutycraft"
    11. God Father
      God Father
      I am working my way up to Knight Housing, what I need to know if I place it on the Waterfront Cabana will I still get the Basements in it or is it for Land Only.
    12. God Father
      God Father
      I am working my way up to Knight Housing, what I need to know if I place it on the Waterfront Cabana will I still get the Basements in it or is it for land Only.
    13. kajiwht
      I had no idea u guys had this thing going... I loved Ultima Online... and the Ultima Forever they made I didnt like it much...
      If I did know about this earlier I would definetly hav become a founder... too bad I missed the chance :(
      If anyone gave me the cheapest founder gift... I would definelty upgrade it to baron 3.6k in no time XD
    14. Myth2
      Hey Lum, how do you pronounce your username? Does it rhyme with plum or plume?
    15. Caliya
      Me thinks a Dev has been messing with the likes code to have 9.2 million likes since May this year. lol
    16. Pavor Nocturnus
      Pavor Nocturnus
    17. Coren
      Would you like me to register those arms for you in the College, Lum?
    18. Matheryn
      Hi Lum,

      Just thought id give you a nice hello and let you know that i was a bit late to view the last dev hangout ie 6.14.13 but i did post a reply to the thread richard started reguarding it and gave some feedback on some of the conversation issues you were faced with.

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