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    Ultima IV on Apple ][ was my first. Joined Ultima Online when it went public. Filbert Eggcup was my character on Catskills, who I played for over 10 years. I was a hardcore roleplayer. I've tried several MMOs since then but none held my attention for very long, exceptions being EVE Online and A Tale in the Desert.
    For single player games, my 5 star list included Space Wars, Pong, Zork, Nethack, Myst, Captain Blood, Lego games, Fallout, Ultimas (of course), Picmin, Katamari, Eden


    Tools Not Rules
    AKA Brigham Dune in game.
    Are you in Port Phoenix and feeling peckish?
    Drop what yer doin' and come on over to

    Biggie and Flo's Swampy Bites!
    "A bite so good you'll tell yer friends!"