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    1. Lained
      Nice and easy transaction, I'd happily trade with redfish again in the future.
    2. The Hendoman
      The Hendoman
      great screen shots this round ;) r33 gallery
    3. Hermann von Salza
      Hermann von Salza
      Detail of a red-faced owl from Rosarium Philosophorum (‘The Rosary of the Philosophers’), an alchemical manuscript by Jaroš Griemiller, 1578.
    4. Mordecai
      You deserve the ONBE award more than anyone else in the community. Don't be shy about it :p
      1. redfish
        Good to know I have a fan club, Mordecai. :o
        Aug 29, 2015
      2. Mordecai
        Well, since I can remember, you've been creating some of the best content threads around, even if they weren't used for the game.
        Sep 4, 2015
    5. monkeysmack
      I reject all comparisons to characters, real and fictional!
    6. Mordecai
      I'm watching you once more, redfish.
      1. redfish
        Mordechai, you're back!
        Jul 3, 2015
      2. Mordecai
        Yes, it is I, the Jewish hero of old, Mordechai, come to save my people from the oppressive- err, nevermind. Without the "h", I'm just some bird from a kid's cartoon. I hope you've been well!
        Jul 8, 2015
      3. redfish
        I've heard of your good deeds, both from listening to recitations of the Book of Esther, and also from watching the cartoon.
        Jul 10, 2015
    7. King Dane
      King Dane
      You good sir, are an asset to this community.
    8. TemplarAssassin
      Say, redfish, why does this owl have a red head?
      1. redfish
        And why is he playing a trumpet? Its an image from a version of the Rosarium philosophorum, a 16th century treatise on alchemy. It has all sorts of strange mystic imagery, the red headed owl being the least of it. I think the red head has some sort of symbolic meaning, since there's also an illustration of a king and queen both, with red heads, but I haven't looked into it.
        Nov 18, 2014
      2. Hermann von Salza
        Hermann von Salza
        Owls are allegoric for earthly wisdom. secret societies. and red headed is a sign for genealogy, select groups i.e elites.
        May 3, 2016
      3. Hermann von Salza
        Hermann von Salza
        and the flute is symbolic for a type of language - a secret man made knowledge the fallen ones taught.
        May 3, 2016
    9. Miracle Dragon
      Miracle Dragon
      Just stopping by to say Hello!
    10. BillRoy
      Hello, my droogie, friend of the people.
    11. Time Lord
      Time Lord
      You Rock the Rouge RedFish! ~Time Lord~
    12. LORD CHAOS
      Im still rather new here but i must say your thoughts and forum posts are pretty awesome, especially with all the detail. Keep up the great work and thankyou.
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