Sir Stile Teckel
May 29, 2013
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May 21, 1973 (Age: 44)
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United States, Indiana

Sir Stile Teckel

Avatar, Male, 44, from United States, Indiana

    1. Fiero Steele
      Fiero Steele
      Another great transaction, thanks!
    2. Fiero Steele
      Fiero Steele
      Great buy via and speedy delivery, thanks!
    3. Wilfred
      Excellent transaction, Thank you!
    4. Ten Ton
      Ten Ton
      Found just what I was looking for and at a great price. Thank you!
    5. Cyin
      Great Trader, trustworthy, highly recommended
    6. Lightning2
      Smooth and easy trade again. Thanks!
      Highly recommended!
    7. that_shawn_guy
      Fair trade. Fast delivery. Can't ask for better than that. Highly recommended!
    8. Ravalox
      Another successful trade! Quick and friendly ... This is getting to be a habit!
    9. Ravalox
      Wonderful experience with a high value trade! Looking forward to trading again in the near future!
    10. Tamsen
      Fantastic service. He e-mailed me the item on faith when I couldn't log in to make the trade. Fast and friendly. Highly recommended.
    11. Fionwyn Wyldemane
      Fionwyn Wyldemane
      Ok, so how do I count the ways Sir Stile is awesome? Hmm... A challenge to be sure, so I'll just say he is wonderful. :-) You can trust him with your hard earned cash, he is just THAT honest :-)
    12. Morgoth redbeard
      Morgoth redbeard
      thx nice and fast trade happy to deal with you :-)
    13. By Tor
      By Tor
      Extremely fast and pleasant avatar to do business with. I look forward to future transactions with Sir Teckel.
    14. Lightning2
      Quick and smooth trade again :). Highly recommended!
    15. gadget
      solid avatar !
    16. Gregg247
      Great trade; very fast and easy!
    17. Lou1005
      perfect trade!!.really ty!
    18. Kron Caledon
      Kron Caledon
      Another smooth trade - thank you!
    19. Sol Stormlin
      Sol Stormlin
      Awesome, you are the best thank you!
    20. Kron Caledon
      Kron Caledon
      Good trading with you, thanks!
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    May 21, 1973 (Age: 44)
    Home Page:
    United States, Indiana
    User Biography:
    Stile ” A set or series of steps for crossing a fence or wall.”. Teckel German word most typically used when referring to a dachshund which hunts.

    Stile Teckel = Someone who crosses into other realities and that is brave, noble, loyal, and who shall hunt like no other.
    I want it all
    I want crafting, PVP, PVE, RP, quests, dungeons, tactical battles, housing, shops, vendors, and more, oh my! That is why Im not a fan of most modern MMO’s. They focus to heavily on some areas and neglect others. For me, I may really be into crafting right now. After a while I may start getting a bit bored with that so ill focus on PvP a little more. Eventually I go back to crafting again and its new and fresh. Or I may mix both up from a day to day basis. I want it all in one game though because If I spend 10 hours on crafting this week, I want that to be of benefit to me in someway next week when im focusing more on house decorating, rares dealing and PVE play.. And when I do those things I want that to in turn go back and feed my crafting the next time Im working on that.
    That’s why when I run a guild, I do it in a very “branched” style and format, so that the guild isn’t just focused or themed in one area but is built so that everyone has an opportunity to become as focused as much as they want as in many areas as they want. Because that’s the way I Play, I want it ALL.


    Selling Shroud of the Avatar Items in the Store & with Online Auctions