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Nov 21, 2016
May 29, 2013
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Vendetta Beretta

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I'm not very sympathetic towards cowards. Jul 17, 2014

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Nov 21, 2016
    1. Lord Spaz
      Lord Spaz
      trolling? are you serious I find you actually are pretty eloquent, youre playing youre role well and still give honest and helpful answer keep up the good posts :)
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    2. Lord Spaz
      Lord Spaz
      smart, sharp, deadly and mysteriously intresting Im a fan :D Ill hunt you down tie you up and force you to have a drink with me :D BEWARE!
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      2. Doppelganger [MGT]
        Doppelganger [MGT]
        "getting moderated". lol, join the club, as this is par for the course on these forums. You're not being singled out, trust me.
        Jul 31, 2014
      3. Time Lord
        Time Lord
        Right now there is an extremely heavy amount of Moderating. There may be some things that are unseen going on with our moderator's minds. I was moderated for posting a kid's toy vid review with no print by me. I find your posts some of the most thoughtful and in depth that I have heard from a new player. Keep it up because you've got allot of fans in your fan club! ~TL~
        Aug 2, 2014
      4. Satan Himself
        Satan Himself
        I was moderated for using the word "********". So I was moderated, by a ********, for using the word ********. I think that's irony, but not sure. May be in a category all its own.
        Nov 4, 2014
    3. Time Lord
      Time Lord
      You have a great rational to your thinking that deserves many followers and I wish to be the very first in your Fan Club! :)
      Your friend anytime you need anything needing my support,
      ~Time Lord~ Resident President of the Vendetta Beretta Fan Club :)
      1. Vendetta Beretta
        Vendetta Beretta
        That's fine, but don't be amazed if I give you the slip from time to time. I reveal myself when I want to, but if I want to disappear you will find it difficult to trail me.
        Jul 22, 2014
    4. Vendetta Beretta
      Vendetta Beretta
      I'm not very sympathetic towards cowards.
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    5. Vendetta Beretta
      Vendetta Beretta
      If I want something done right, I do it myself.
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    Men might make great warriors. Let them have the glory... I don't care about wars... I have a job to do and I do it with precision.