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May 29, 2013
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Legend of the Hearth, Male, from San Antonio, Texas

It was a great Telethon Part 2! So much fun and so much to look forward to! Aug 24, 2016

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Apr 28, 2017 at 1:32 AM
    1. Winfield
      It was a great Telethon Part 2! So much fun and so much to look forward to!
    2. Winfield
      I attended HoBLotH III in early June 2016, then drifted around for 30 days. I'm back more after July 4th, unless I go fishing!
    3. Winfield
      I'm enjoying everything I do in/around SotA,UO,Ultima. I transition now from 30+ years service to new service to the Virtues. More to come!
    4. Winfield
      Working on New Player support and experience ideas.
    5. Winfield
      Working on player gathering ideas. Very excited about fishing coming in R22! "Bait my hook, cast my line. Fishing is my way of life!
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    6. Duke Richard VonHaley
      Duke Richard VonHaley
      Hi Winfield, I would like to go through your Pax's welcome quest and see what it's all about and I was told that you may have some of the blue/purple torch's that one may get for going through the quest?
      1. Winfield
        Welcome Duke Haley. The Welcome Quest happens 2X per month, coming up again on Saturday Sep 29 at noon CDT (US). Duke Greagoir runs the quest and has the torches. Attend the quest and you will receive a blue Welcome Torch.
        Aug 24, 2015
      2. Miracle Dragon
        Miracle Dragon
        I think he means August 29. This Saturday! :D
        Aug 27, 2015
    7. Kacey Cupcakes
      Kacey Cupcakes
      My house is open to you if you are ever in Austin and need a bed
    8. Winfield
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    9. SinDee
      Hail Winfield! I'm not sure if you remember me I meet you at UO town hall on there 15th birthday ( Kid with the plate helm) Just wanted to say it's awesome what you and plaxlair has done for SotA! As soon I can find your city I want to see how great it turned out!
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    10. Sara Dreygon
      Sara Dreygon
      Winfield, I thank both you and Sean Silverfoot for the honor of allowing me to be a resident of your glorious town of PaxLair! It certainly is a marvel.

      Please let me know if you need anything from my Founder Edelman rewards (piano's, metronome, etc.) to help furnish PaxLair castle.
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      2. Winfield
        Thank you so much Sara Dreygon for living in PaxLair. There is a lot to decorate in the castle! When you see Gaelis Trajan, the PaxLair Furniture Company Proprietor. I have hired them to decorate the PaxLair Castle.
        May 2, 2015
    11. Winfield
      I was at Austin SXSW panel session w/Richard Garriott, Tracy Hickman, Starr Long (moderator) -- linear vs non-linear narrative/story-making.
    12. Winfield
      I just backed Underworld Ascendant! Another great journey underway!
    13. keepsake
      Hello Governor Winfield Its Cambree
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      2. Winfield
        Jan 27, 2015
    14. Winfield
      I had a great time at the SotA Booth at PAX South in San Antonio this past weekend. Lots of sign-ups. Fun hanging out with the Devs.
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    15. sborax
      Hello Governor Winfield!!
      1. Winfield
        Hello there sborax and welcome to my wall. Have a seat, grab a fishing pole, and throw your line in the water. Let's see what we catch.
        Jan 25, 2015
    16. Winfield
      Welcome Owens Casey! There's a lot to talk about, think upon, and do in this upcoming Realm. It will be a long adventure! Thanks!
    17. Owens Casey
      Owens Casey
      Just wanted to say hello. watched the community stream. liked some of things siad there.
    18. Winfield
      Welcome Miracle Dragon. Hello!
    19. Miracle Dragon
      Miracle Dragon
      Just wanted to say Hello!
    20. Winfield
      "[For our fully functional PaxLair player town,] I de-emphasize house ownership and over-emphasize teamwork. .."
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    I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood is a community of people in Ultima Online operating four citizen player cities (Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku) and many guilds. We are on the Chesapeake Shard. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the UO Realm [1997].


    Winfield - Old Man and Governor of PaxLair
    ONBE, Royal Warrant Holder (for PaxLair), Legend of the Hearth, Hospitaller

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    Underworld Ascendant Backer
    A humble fisherman​