1st Annual Novia Market Spring Equinox Egg Hunt!

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    Yes! Another event (I know, we just had one!). Sunday, April 21st from 1pm-2pm NBT in Novia Market! There will be dozens of eggs to find, so come join the fun!


    Eggs will NOT be hidden in chests - they will be placed somewhere in the POT next to a sheet of paper. This paper will have a number , that you will have to message Robyn Hood in-game with. At the end of the event, turn in the numbers you have collected (you'll have to write them down) to be considered for a prize! The egg sets (Aether, Rainbow) will have a phrase that will be completed once you find them all - first person to message me with the phrase, wins! Eggs will be dyed different colors but will be bright so they will be visible. They will also be placed in areas near landmarks in the POT (and in-town). You will have to look in obvious (and not-so-obvious places). Participants who do not win, will be entered in the random drawing!


    Find the most eggs
    1st place - 1000 cotos
    2nd - 500 cotos
    3rd - 250 cotos

    Find the 3 Aether Eggs - Replenishing Spring Equinox Confections Platter
    Find the 3 Rainbow Eggs - Replenishing Confetti Eggs Basket 2019
    Random Prize(s) - Decorative Dyable Egg Pack 2019, Confection Stand, Dyable Cake (and possibly more prizes!)