3rd Annual Holiday Party for All!

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    Every year we (a group of fun-loving, Holiday Merriment seeking, multi-guild, jolly Avatars) come together to throw a Holiday event filled with gift giving, music, dancing and excitement! This year, we're planning to put together the most incredible Holiday Party we can!

    Avatar's Radio Beat of Novia, Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Door Prizes:

    Who: Hosted by DJ Alliene Dragonfyre
    When: December 21st, 8:00pm NBT/Central
    Where: Player Owned Town of Festival at the Festival Keep

    Friday Fight Night

    Who: Hosted by Alphaine Nine
    When: December 21st: 5:00pm NBT/Central (subject to change)
    Where: Festival PvP Arena
    Note: Special "Holiday Prizes" will be given out to winners, including a 125-Point Dungeon Entrance and a Commission-Free Vendor. More prizes will be announced, and this is in addition to the FFN prize pool.

    Secret Santa Gift Exchange

    If you wish you participate, here are the rules:

    1) Either deliver in person or mail your gift to in-game character 'Engineer' with a note or titleindicating its for Secret Santa.
    2) All people who give a gift will receive a random gift that another player contributed.
    3) If you are at the Party, it will be delivered to you directly. If you are unable to attend, it will be mailed to you.
    4) If you provide more than one gift, the gifts will be distributed to attendees, people standing on the streets, new players, or other lucky avatars. You won't receive more than one gift, but you are certainly generous!
    5) Please keep the value of the gifts below 10K gp if at all possible.

    Door Prizes

    Door prizes will be given out to players in attendance!

    Fireworks Bags

    Bags of Fireworks will be given out to players throughout the night! Let's Light it Up!!!!

    And more!

    Please check back in on this page for new announcements, we have more things being planned while we work out the details. :)