5 emerging adventurers that sought elevation (A UO happenstance)

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    [4:28 PM] Quenton: want to hear a story
    [4:28 PM] Quenton: me and 4 friends were going through covetous level 3 as relatively apprentice fighter types trying to learn how to play UO and getting the grips of things
    [4:29 PM] Quenton: and at the back of the dungeon inside a tiny room behind a door was a dragon
    [4:29 PM] Quenton: at first we didn't consider fighting it because we weren't skilled enough, but then we got ideas.... maybe we should ?
    [4:29 PM] Quenton: so we hatched a plan that one person would open the door, I'd cast blade spirits inside, and then someone else would close the door lickety split
    [4:30 PM] Quenton: and we'd do that over and over until it was dead, it seemed like a solid plan
    [4:30 PM] Quenton: so we did that once, we damaged the dragon, the blade spirit dispelled
    [4:30 PM] Quenton: we did it twice, we damaged it, the blade spirit dispelled
    [4:30 PM] Quenton: we did it a third time, the door opened, the blade spirit was cast, the door closed, and then the door opened again
    [4:30 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: rofl
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: and we tried to close the door, but it was too late
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: the dragon flew out after us and the five of us RAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: with this dragon chasing us
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: and the whole thing was basically happening in slow motion
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: I was last in line and thanks to my connection, I knew I was going to be the first to die
    [4:31 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: hahahahah
    [4:31 PM] Quenton: it was very much a noooooooooooo moment
    [4:32 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: i can almost imagine it
    [4:32 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: Run you fools! Leave the modem users behind!
    [4:32 PM] froji: lmao
    [4:33 PM] froji: UO was so fun
    [4:33 PM] Quenton: to this day I have no idea why we thought it was a smart idea for two people to be handling the door
    [4:33 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: hahahahahaha

    That's the story, but a bit of bonus chatter, and an origin story for good measure:

    [4:33 PM] froji: i let a group of people into my guildhouse once cos i clicked the door too many times
    [4:33 PM] froji: they were all hidden and i panicked
    [4:34 PM] froji: they stole everything
    [4:34 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: a friend of mine could stay hidden for hours in front of an enemy's house
    [4:34 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: but that were just free shards
    [4:34 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: i had lots of fun anyway
    [4:34 PM] Quenton: good times
    [4:35 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: yep, absolutely
    [4:36 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: the gamer community nowadays lacks the naiveness of those days... the Blade Spirit scenario would currently be deemed as a exploit and proptly nerfed somehow
    [4:36 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: because people will just show up doing it over an over again
    [4:36 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: back then it was just an idea you tried, have fun
    [4:37 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: and then fight the dragon properly when you were able
    [4:37 PM] Quenton: blade spirit pretty much was an exploit
    [4:37 PM] Quenton: I think it actually was nerfed where I played
    [4:37 PM] Quenton: that spell was ridiculous
    [4:37 PM] froji: dragons dispelled it pretty quick
    [4:38 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: it sure was lol
    [4:38 PM] Quenton: my first experience with it was when we started UO as MINERS in mt kendall and after 2 weeks of mining and not seeing anyone, a PK came in in full plate with a cloak, on a horse, and started In Hur Jux Ylem (??????) and then suddenly this homing pinwheel of blades just starts destroying us
    [4:38 PM] Quenton: that was the moment I knew mining wasn't for me
    [4:38 PM] Quenton: and I knew I had to become a mage

    [4:38 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: lol
    [4:39 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: i want my own homing pinwheel of blades!
    [4:40 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: I really hope we get some of that emergent behavior as the game develops
    [4:40 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: not the one where people are asses to each other, just being able to come up with ways of having fun
    [4:40 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: we have our fair share already
    [4:41 PM] Quenton: it's kind of guaranteed, we saw it back in r3
    [4:41 PM] KuBaTRiZeS: i wasn't around that time
    [4:41 PM] Quenton: it was the first multiplayer release where people were making up scenarios out of nothing and trolling people was one of the few things you could do to "pvp"
    [4:42 PM] Quenton: and even that ended up being ridiculously entertaining
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    These sorts of stories are what made UO so great! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Great memories!

    I remember having a ton of dragons in tow before they limited how many tames you could have. "ALL Kill" really made stuff dead!! hahahah
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