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    Greetings Avatars! Welcome to the College of Arms forum. I am posting this in behalf of the College of Arms at their request. :)
    What is the College of Arms you ask? A group of players who have an interest in fulfilling one of the Founder Pledge rewards for Shroud of the Avatar. The Virtual Collector pledge level for Founders includes a Custom Crest in Game. "Get your own Family Crest for display on your shield, tabard and house flag, made from a customized image uploaded by YOU! (Submitted Art subject to Developer Approval)." The College of Arms by order of Lord British (with Royal Warrant awarded) has been tasked with establishing the process to make this happen. Here is a quote from Starr Long:

    Now this sounds really cool but; there are limits that really must be understood. First off a "Crest" is not the term used for the display on a shield, house flag or tabard, that is the term "arms". A crest has a bunch of superflerious additions that are really unimportant in determining who it represents. So what the pledge really means is custom "arms" to be displayed.
    Historically there are rules. Yes, rules! Well, this is a game, so we can break rules, after all, we are creating this thing as we go. BUT there are several rules that must carry over into the game.​
    First and foremost: Arms must be clearly distinct and visible from a distance. This is especially so in a game environment where the shield would only be about 3/4 of an inch.​
    There is the rule of color. Traditional and modern heraldry (thats the science of arms) rules are very strict. The College of Arms has relaxed those rules a bit, dealing with contrast, we have added a few colors but there are limits to how they are used. There are metals, light colors, and dark colors. You cannot place a metal on top of a metal, a light color on top of a light color, or a dark color on top of a dark color. There are exceptions, but they are rare.​
    There are items which cannot be placed on arms for various reasons. The arms of Lord British elements (cross moline and silver snake) cannot be used. All forms of crowns except the palasade crown cannot be used. Arms of existing persons or entities cannot be used (Manchester City Football Club comes to mind).​
    There is the rule of distinctly different than someone else in the game. Hard to explain, but think of two major differences on the arms so as not to be confused with someone else.​
    So with that little bit of info thrown out there, we hope you have a better understanding of the pledge reward.​
    We have created a website, www.sotacoa.com, which has a basic form of the generator we are working on (Please note: Just because you are physically able to make the generator do something, doesn't mean it is within the rules of heraldry. It's a good starting point, but it ain't perfect.) There was another site we were using, http://soacoa.org/blazon/builder.php, but we have moved on and that is for historical purposes only.​
    We request that you register on the sotacoa site with the email address you used when you created your Portalarium account. This "may" help us out in transferring arms to the game. At this point in time we are still unsure of the process to make this happen, so expect changes along the way. We will try our best to keep your design as close as we can to the one we said would be OK.​
    Basic process:
    1. Are you a Founder (or Royal Founder) Virtual Collector or above (noted on your account page)? If not, you aren't entitled to a Coat of Arms. Guilds aren't entitled to a coat of arms either.
    2. If you are a Founder (or Royal Founder) the way to get started is to start a thread in this sub-forum giving us an idea of what you have in mind. A herald or artist should see the thread and respond.
    3. Once you've settled on a design, you tell us that's what you want. At this point, you're done.
    4. Your submission will go into our review process, and be voted on by the Sovereigns of Arms. If approved, it will go into the Roll of Arms (our Gallery). If not approved, we'll get in touch and do some rework.
    To those who have had arms approved in the past, don't worry, we do have them stashed. As charges are added to the generator and we can produce yours from ther generator, we will post your arms.
    If you have a question, want clarification, or to suggest a question to be included on this list, please message a member of the College or start another thread, to keep this as neat as possible so others can find the information easily.​
    ***Please Note: All information and rules we have presented here are how things stand at the current time. Technical details may, and probably will, change before the game launches, as the actual in-game system is built. We are doing the best we can with the current information we have. As DarkStarr would say: "Don't lawyer me, bro." We apologize if any future changes inconvenience you; trust us, they inconvenience us, too.​
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