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    Hi Everybody,

    I wanted to take up some space and tell you all about the AERIE Fund (Avatar's Emergency Relief Initiative) and address some commonly asked questions in a centralized location for your reference. Also, I'd like to share with you a timeline of our activities, financial information, and our vision for 'good works through gaming.'

    Apologies for not getting to this sooner, but as you'll see - its been a busy year for us. :)

    What is the AERIE Fund?

    We're an official 501c3 non-profit (charity) organization with tax-exempt status from the IRS.

    You can see our status with the IRS here. Our EIN is: 82-0759377

    So that's the legal description of what we are, but I prefer this one: we're gamers (like you) who want to make a difference, helping fellow gamers in need and raising awareness and funds for the causes gamers care about. We engage the community, provide fun and rewarding ways to get involved, and work with developers like Portalarium to make a difference.

    Who is the AERIE Fund?

    Our board of directors is comprised of altruistic members of this community who are dedicated to helping others in need and supporting important causes. Our current board is:

    @Thexedor Markhamm (Chad)
    @Justyn04 (Stacy)
    @Jack SinAssist (John)
    @Lazarus Long (Harry)
    @Arieus (Lee)
    @Turock Ockenshire (Bob)
    @Woftam (Clint)

    Are Members of the AERIE Fund Financially Compensated?

    No. We're all volunteer.

    How Does AERIE Fund Apply Funding?

    Currently we have 2 operating funds.

    1.) Our Direct Assistance Fund - this is the fund we use to help well-vetted gamers in need (essentially, THE AERIE Fund). Gamers apply for assistance, we review the application, conduct a vetting process, and if approved, we provide direct financial support to the benefactor.

    2.) Our Operating Fund - these funds are applied to our monthly and yearly operating expenses. Like all non-profits, we have to spend resources on operational necessities (such as: web hosting, bank processing fees, accounting, and legal). Secondly, we use this account to procure physical donor thank you rewards for our community causes which includes shipping and handling.

    Do you have a Budget?

    Formally, no. Not yet. We've been operating since February of 2017. Our fiscal year is April to April. Once we have a complete fiscal year under our belt, we will be releasing a formal budget. Our current practice is to keep operating expenses as low as possible to generate our benchmarks for 2018 and beyond.

    Once available, I will update this post with the 2018 budget.

    How Do You Raise Funds?

    We are 100% supported by our supporters (you). To date, we've raised funds solely via our Community Causes (Just 1 Life and Think Pink). We've taken small percentages (after expenses) to keep our fund healthy. More info on this in the following posts. We also accept direct donations from supporters. In December, we're hosting the Master of the Forge Charity Auction which will be our first ever direct fundraising campaign.

    As direct assistance applications are processed and approved, maintaining the health of our fund is essential in keeping AERIE Fund around the long haul. Your support is greatly appreciated in that effort. :)

    What is Good Works Through Gaming?

    Our core philosophy and mission. We believe (and have demonstrated) that an engaged gaming community can changes lives and make a better world. We're all about bringing gamers, developers, streamers, other charities, and tech companies together to make an impact. Plus, giving and gaming is fun!

    How Can I Get Involved?

    Lots of ways! Visit our website, support our initiatives, host a community event/fundraiser, volunteer some of your time to help us out, and of course, spread the word about our organization.

    For More Information:

    Visit: (excuse the mess - we're currently remodeling for 2018) :p

    Please feel free to reach out, I'm happy to answer your questions and add them to this list.

    Most Importantly:

    If you are (or know) a member of our community that needs assistance, please send them to our website. There's an application there for folks in need.

    AERIE Fund Activity:

    The following posts will provide more information on our activities this year, including financial information and benefactor payouts. Please know, some folks request anonymity and I will not be sharing any information on those cases.

    Thanks, Avatars!


    CC: @DarkStarr @Berek @dallas

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    2017 - AERIE FUND Activity:

    2017 YTD Charitable Fundraising:

    2017 YTD Benefactor Payouts:
    $70, 234.00

    February 2017 - The Iron Maiden Chemo Relief Fund

    Our first initiative. Raised $55,000 to help Doug (Iron Maiden) pay for his life-saving chemotherapy treatments.

    Payout to Benefactor: $55,000 (via GoFundMe)

    June 2017 - Just 1 Life

    Community Cause Campaign dedicated to preventing youth suicide in the LGBTQ Community.


    Funds raised: $4105
    Benefactor Payout (Trevor Project): $3000
    AERIE FUND Funding - After Operating Expenses: $700


    (redacted to keep personal info confidential)

    September 2017 - Avatar in Need - Hurricane Relief
    Helped a community member recover from the devastating hurricanes in TX.


    Benefactor Payout: $1000

    October 2017 - Think Pink!
    Community Cause - Raised funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.


    Funds Raised: $8,001.50
    Benefactor Payout (Breast Cancer Research Foundation): $6000
    AERIE FUND Funding - After Operating Expenses: $1294


    (redacted to keep personal info confidential)

    November 2017 - Extra Life (Charity Vs. Chaos) Event
    Organized over 60 streamers to participate in the Extra Life charity event in November.


    Payout to Benefactor (Children's Miracle Network): $5,234

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    Austin, TX
    Thank you so much for all of this great information on the hard work that is being done here. I am proud to see this happening in our community!
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