Bugged and Nerfed Rants

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ooga Booga, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Before I start please google the term Nerfing you'll have a laugh when you see the description. History repeats itself...
    I've seen a bug for a while now and I know others have been living with it alot longer than myself. But It would be nice to see a fix for the health bug.
    I'm also a little disappointed in the nerf to range for melee weapons.. All Melee mobs have a much larger range so our weapons that used to hit multiple targets are having a tough time hitting one.. I feel a range of 4 is acceptable..
    I know our devs are doing their best to balance combat but I don't believe nerfing classes is the way to go about this... We adjust to play styles and there are plenty of options that can help our combat decks. I feel when we nerf it causes a few bugs to pop up in the process.
    I personally would like to see more fixes for bugs some buffs to weaker classes and less nerfs because we adjust to our classes and combat styles.
    Enjoy the Thread I look forward to seeing what others post
    Yours Truly
    Ooga Booga
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    Now I'm no game programmer here, but in my simple mind I'd think that stuff like damage mitigation tweaks getting current programming attention would be considered a 'would be nice' priority that would take a back seat to fixing the big ugly health bug that feels more 'must have.' Gosh, health is nearly the most basic game feature in an MMO after being able to move our characters. I cannot recall a sustained health bug issue like this in a game since UO 1997. Seeing the same big ugly health bug going for about five releases now without much acknowledgment, except QA saying they cannot replicate it, is .... discouraging. So good opening post. Its appropriate feedback given the prolonged nature of this critical bug.
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