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Cavern of Skreek Kobolds run in circles

Discussion in 'Release 40 Dev+ Bug Forum' started by Atticus Gryphonheart, Mar 24, 2017.

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    1. Title: Cavern of Skreek Kobolds run in circles
    2. Reproduction Rate: Yes
    3. Blocker? no but exploitable
    4. Details: I decided to explore the caverns of skreek when after opening the gate I was charged by a brawler and a grenadier. The brawler was running at me while the grenadier stayed at a distance, so I wanted to get around a corner to force the grenadier closer. However the grenadier never approached and I saw the brawler running in circles. I went forth and engaged the grenadier and killed it, and the went back to attempt to kill the brawler. I could do no damage to it and it just kept running in circles. I was then agroed by two more brawlers and a grenadier. I pulled the two brawlers next to the first brawler, and then they started running in circles. I killed the grenadier, and then wanted to experiement. I managed to pull yet one more brawler to the same spot and had 4 bralwers in circles. I also got a grenadier also to run in circle, the difference being I could kill the grenadier.
    5. Steps to Reproduce: pull a brawler (and maybe a grenadier) to kite distance. Instead of going back...they start running in circles. First brawler was pulled to below:

      Area: Caverns of Skrekk (Novia_R10_Forest01_Skrekk/Default) Loc: (-108.0, 80.0, 249.7)

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Not open for further replies.