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    September 28th 2014, the Church of the Dark Star (a church founded on the principles of Chaos) opened its doors to the Avatars of Shroud of the Avatar, in Valemark (at this time the township of PaxLair had taken residence here). The topics discussed within the walls each Saturday have covered various topics that would help enlighten Avatars no matter what side of the rift they found themselves currently on. In each topic High Priestess of Chaos Amber Raine would deliver a connection between how the founding father of this path set out upon them and how our current lives can benefit from such.

    Topics ranging from putting your past behind you to looking into the future. From change being a positive to keeping the hope that all things are possible no matter what they are. The Church of the Dark Star has been there to help guide and support our fellow Avatars.

    November 2014, Kazyn Phoenixfyre joined the church and our focus became that of "Equality". This was a pivotal point in the life of the church. As we began to focus on all paths, Chaos, Order, Balance. Whether you followed a virtuous path or a more questionable one. All were welcome and all were spoken and appreciated. When we can all come together in one place, even for an hour a week, it is proof that anything and everything is possible.

    Today, almost a year and a half later. The church now sees buildings flourishing in a multitude of different Player Owned Towns in its name. From PaxLair (where the main base shall always be) and Port Phoenix, to Rift's End and Beran's Reach (and 4 other towns in between). But nothing has touched the heart of the High Priestess herself, as has the work put forth by the hearts and hands of these Avatars whom have built churches on their own time in the name of the Dark Star.

    Please join us every Saturday, 11am NBT, for more riveting discussions. And most importantly to take in the breath taking sights that can be created, when you have the land to build on, the passion in your heart and a desire to represent that which touches you most.

    When: Every Saturday 11am NBT
    Where: Church of the Dark Star - Location mentioned every week (we have several now)
    What: High Priestess of Chaos Amber Raine and Dean of Novian Academy Kazyn Phoenixfyre, shall be hosting services inside the Church of the Dark Star

    For those that are unable to attend but have interest in listening to them, whether for catch up or simply because you can not make the posted times. They have been and will continue to be posted on sound cloud.

    Thank you to all those that have joined us in the past two years.

    ** If you have a subject you would like us to touch on please do not hesitate to let us know. We are more then happy to take on the challenge. Message Amber Raine or Kazyn Phoenixfyre. **
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    You are invited to join us this Saturday in the Church of the Dark Star in Rift's End for a Special Church service held in the honour of his Grace Lord British (@RichardGarriott )

    Time: 11am NBT
    Place: Rift's End Garden of Chaos

    Find us now on Discord -
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    Topic of the week: Stereotypes - Requested by Lace
    Location: Rift's End - Garden of Chaos

    Please join us in Rift's End this weekend for a discussion about stereotypes as requested by Lace.

    Have you a subject you would like us to challange? Let us hear from you!

    Thank you for the continued support .
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    As Last weeks service was cancelled due to Storms that kept me away. We will be holding last weeks service this week.

    Topic of the week: Stereotypes - Requested by Lace
    Location: Rift's End - Garden of Chaos

    Please join us in Rift's End this weekend for a discussion about stereotypes as requested by Lace.

    Have you a subject you would like us to challange? Let us hear from you!

    Thank you for the continued support .
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    Soundcloud posts have now been made. Sorry for the delays!!

    JULY 4th 2016:

    Danellosi Mellonamin, Bienvenue Tout la Monde, Greetings and well met friends and family.

    May you each enter and feel the warmth of welcoming to these beautiful Chaos gardens here in Rifts End.

    This is such a grand and memorable day, in fact it shall be a grand and memorable weekend. Have you seen the calendar? It is bursting with activities!

    In celebration of Kings day we have events from all of the well known community groups as well as the newer and rising stars of our community.

    Everyone who woke up with Woftam and Selene on Wake Up New Britannia to those who will be going on the Archeology event straight after church today.

    Perhaps you are looking forward to tomorrow and the Tournament for the King held by Order of Vengeance or

    the long awaited return of the New Britannia Theatre Troupe as they present a performance that even Lord British, Darkstarr, and many past and present Avatars are cast in

    And Who can forget Monday - The day of days. The celebration truly leads up to this day.

    Happy Independance Day and most importantly happy Birthday Goldenwing, co-owner of Avatars Radio.


    Oh Right, I meant..

    Happy Birthday Lord British!

    ~smiles and watches the skies~

    Today we have such wonderful activities to celebrate this joyous occassion, so

    many are planning 4th of July celebrations on Earth and here across New


    So it is Independance day, a day of freedom from confinements of the British Empire.

    Lets take that in a moment shall we, "freedom from the confinements of the British Empire"

    To me, when I read that, I had no choice but to laugh. Yet here we are. On the other side of the rift celebrating Independance day

    while on this side of the rift celebrating the most amazing King and Leader a nation can honestly ever wish to follow, Lord British.

    Yes, I said it. And, I meant it. Lord British is an amazing man and it is my honor to be able to serve in the Kings Army.

    They do after all say "keep your friends close and your frenimies closer"

    Let us look over that quite quickly shall we? What is a friend?

    You will have very few of them in your life. I seriously do not care what path you choose to follow. You are going to find you are going to have very few true friends.

    Confidents are those people in your life who love you unconditionally.

    They are into you, whether you are up or you are down, right or wrong, they are into you.

    They are in this for the long haul. This means they are going to be by your side no matter what for the rest of your life.

    If you get in trouble, they will get in trouble with you.

    If your ship goes down, they will be standing there putting on their life jacket with you.

    You can open up and share anything with them and they will not judge you.

    Now I am going to tell you something. You can never truly be complete. Without finding that one friend..

    To put it more clearly. You can never be a man like Lord British without finding a man like Darkstarr in your life.

    Today I am going to do things just a little bit differently then some of you may be used to.

    Today I stand before you not only as the High Priestess of Chaos,
    but as someone who was not always that..

    Like Lord British, my family was not always from Britannia nor New Britannia for that matter.

    Like Lord British, my family first came from Earth, as so many of us here today have.

    Our pathes may have seperated and taken quite different turns along the way, however, our beginnings were very similar.

    It is these new beginnings, this independance, that I wish to speak about today.

    I stand before you, removing my title of High Priestess and instead stand before you as an outlander.

    It is true I was born this side of the rift. However, my ancestors as far back as Lady Ariel Joy had to first pass through a shimmering blue moongate to bring us here.

    So today, I shall take up the banner of my ancestors, as outlanders.

    Whom, from me to them, in so many ways, wish to thank Lord British for opening that very first moongate and giving us all he has.

    As my own personal history books descirbe it.

    ~reads from her book~

    It is the year 1993 and the most magickal thing has happened to me or so I had believed at the time.

    That night so long ago in my dreams came a face, a face of a man I had not ever

    seen before,

    yet he told me that my help was needed and i felt compelled to listen and


    I heard the call and when I woke the voice was still fresh in my mind. As if

    someone was leading the steps I took and guiding me somewhere I had not been


    I ventured out of my home and the magick that transpired before me was if I was

    still dreaming, I do indeed declare that I had to pinch myself to be sure I was

    not still dreaming.

    For at this place where my feet did stop, I witnessed coming up out of the

    Earthern ground what can only be described as a blue gate opening before me,

    inviting me in

    I unknowing where it would lead, yet feeling a safeness to it stepped through

    this gate. Oh how I am glad I did not know what awaited me on the otherside..

    For as soon as I did step through the gate to the other side, I found myself in

    what appeared to be someones bed chambers.

    Within moments of my entrance, a large party of what I know now to be the Kings

    men burst through the door and to my astonishment, and without wishing to listen

    to reason..

    Of course they would not, would you listen to someone telling you that you were

    mistaken if you found them guiltily trespassing in your bed chambers? Of course


    So this was my first encounter within the world, we today know as Old Britannia.

    Swiftly and very wrongly accused for a crime I did not commit and was locked

    away in the dank darkness of an abyss, sworn to never be allowed out until I

    proved my innocence.

    It was not so long after, a few months if my memory does serve me accurately, I

    escaped the abyss, earning my freedom and proving my innocence. Such odd ways to

    start a new life in a new foreign land.

    But these were my beginnings. I soon heard of a great man. A man who to this day

    I owe all my thanks to. For not only did he come to me in dream on earth but

    began my path here in the Britannias.

    One would think now I speak of Lord Blackthorn and you would all be mistaken. I

    speak of none other then Lord British, for without Lord British none of which we

    as followers of Chaos believe would have come to pass.

    It was with this new found freedom that i sought out this great man, to find

    favor in his court. However, This was not to be the case. For he was now on a

    journey else where and in his stead upon his throne sat the man my family

    does serve still today. It was this man whom taught me the ways of the Kings

    virtues. With firm hand and swift discipline. I soon found favor in these

    virtues and embraced them then as strongly as I do today.

    Many around these lands would like to tell me, I have no doubt, that this is not

    how the virtues were intended to be viewed. Yet, they were how I was introduced

    to them, and it is how I live by them.

    It is why in all things i find the goodness, no matter what the crime for

    compassion is strong. It is why I give praise to others yet feel the desire and

    make the choice to not desire that same spot light.

    Justice tho served swiftly can be viewed in different ways and Sacrifice,

    depending on the situation can bring a variable array of directions yet it

    always means to give to those that have not or forfeit all you have.

    These virtues, are ones we have Lord British to thank for. And thank him I do

    for I have lived my entire life both here in the Britannias and on earth

    embracing them strongly.

    Yes, it was also at this point that our pathes do seperate. For I, unlike many,

    did not cheer when Lord British returned to his throne and instead continued my

    service to the then leader even in his exile.

    Awaiting the day he would return and take his rightful place as our Liege Lord

    opening to our eyes the possibilities of a free life. A life independant of what

    we felt we had to do, and instead of what we chose to do.

    My family and yes even I, chose to continue to embrace the virtues as strongly

    as we were introduced to them. Yet with the freedom and power to know we were

    not judged, we were not held in bonds.

    It is infact to Lord British we owe this thanks, for if he had not created the 8

    virtues, had he not felt the need for everyone to follow them the way he saw


    then our Liege Lord would not have felt the need to offer another way of seeing

    life. Open, Free, independant.

    Now if I may take this time to step back across the rift. Take a journey back

    across the gate that brought us here. And see the man that is known as Richard


    Richard Garriott is a man of great importance in my life. For he is the man that

    I truly have followed for more then 3 decades. Visiting all the lands he brought

    forward to us,

    When he brought us the different tasks to accomplish in Britannia, I followed.

    When he took his trip to the outter worlds beyond earths atmosphere, I watched

    and cheered.

    If I were ever asked truly who do I thank for whom I am today. The person that I

    look up to most above anyone else? Who then Joy is your role model?

    I would no doubt have to tell you in truth and honesty. The man who I have lived

    and looked up to, is Richard Garriott.

    He created for us all the characters we have enjoyed the company of. It is from

    his mind and heart that virtues were created, Order was created, and yes, deny

    it if you want, but truth is..

    It is from Richard Garriott, Chaos was created and given to us.

    As I said for today, for this very moment, I step outside of the role I normally

    hold on this side of the rift as the High Priestess of Chaos and stand before

    you as Joy, a woman from Earth.

    A woman who gives praise and respect to a man who has been such a shining beacon

    of light and hope in her life.

    A man who has given us the freedoms of choice, the freedoms of freeing us from

    our bonds and showing us that we do not have to judge one another.

    Richard Garriott, May this day and every day continue to be a beacon of light to

    all those that enjoy your company. For you are truly what all men, women, and

    children should strive to be like.

    Thank you for the virtues that have guided me in my lives no matter where I was.

    Thank you for creating the characters we could embrace and follow deciding which

    best served our intents.

    Richard Garriott, Lord British. Happy Birthday.. and thank you Sire for giving

    this girl, the beacon of her life and the knowledge of what it means to be


    Today we invite you to celebrate the life of a man who has touched many lives. An inspirational part of all we do, reguardless if you walk in the lights of Order, Chaos, Balance, This man has been the guiding patron to all things....
    From Akalabeth to Shroud. From Earth to Moon. He has laid the way and we have watched, cheered and followed.
    Today, Amber Raine removes her robe of High Priestess of Chaos for a day and gives thanks to a man who helped her be who she is today.
    Happy Birthday Richard "Lord British" Garriott

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    July 16th 2016:

    Danellosi mellonamin, Bienvenur Tout La Monde, Greetings and Good Morrow friends and family.

    I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and that this weekend is going to just be one where you can rest, relax and prepare for the upcoming end of world.

    I can not believe it is just a week away. Two and a half years of building, tearing down, re-building and it is finally here.

    The end of the world for the very last time. Who else here is as excited as I am to see what happens? What chaos lies beyond that unknown door?

    Where will your path lead? Will you continue to live your life the way you have been for the past two and a half years?

    Will your story change? Perhaps you will start everything over again and all things will be as if they never happened?

    I have heard from all different sides, people who would do one of if not all of the above in one way or another and why shouldn't they?

    We see who they are, we know who they are, and we will watch them. Thinking "well we know them and they should be this way because of the person we think we know"

    You see a person and you think you know exactly how they will act, what they will do, what is in store for them. Without really being able to know..

    Today our subject is going to be all about this concept. Brought to us by Lace by request.

    She brought us this idea back when we were doing our march for those who were lost in Orlando. Those who were tagged, numbered, marked and judged because of

    What people saw and thought, without giving a second turn to actually getting to know the people. They saw and judged based on the cover of the book.

    Today, after church service I will be taking a real world walk for those same people as I walk in the pride parade wearing my colours down main street of my large city.

    How many will stand by or watch and without knowing who we are, why we are walking, or what we stand for. Without getting to know us.. Will judge us by the fact we are walking?

    Today, we are discussing.. Stereotypes.

    What is a stereotype? We hear this word every day and in a lot of circumstances but what does it actually mean?

    Well, the dictionary definition is as follows - a widely held but fixed over simplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

    I have a couple issues with this already. Fixed? oversimplified? Type?

    Those are some of the words that I just do not agree with.

    Whoever said and decided that an idea should stay fixed?

    That is just blatantly wrong. An idea is meant to grow and change. It should simply be dynamic.

    People and things are not simple but complex. Nobody should tell another person what kind of person they should be.

    People have the ability to define themselves as what ever they want.

    This is actually something that the many pathes that we have open before us tries to change as we live a life promoting the ways of Chaos.

    Anything and everything is possible for everyone.

    So why do we care? What is it that makes us want people to be different? Give them the opportunity to go which ever way they choose without boundaries and without being judged?

    Why do we waste our energy on things that may not even affect us? Worrying about people who are labeled and numbered. When we clearly have broken out of that mold?

    Many of us, and most assuredly those in my family from me all the way back in my ancestry as I can remember, trying to change things that have been widely accepted.

    Do we, and have we, ever really thought our petty little actions or words could do anything about it?

    These are things that many of us who have tried to turn away and help others turn away from stereotyping have heard.

    They think that we care to much and that there is a reason that many of these statements have been widely accepted.

    Being told that we have been wasting our time, trying to go against the grain.

    My response is simple. And a lot less complex. If I don't do it, if we don't do it. Then nobody will do it.

    I am trying to lead by example and I want to be somebody that people can look to and say "well they went against the grain, I can to"

    I want to live my life as a role model. Take people aside and tell them that they too can smash stereotypes and you don't have to listen to what other people say.

    In the end, it isn't about trying to prove someone wrong. It is in fact to prove that you can do anything you want and nobody should limit you to a statement.

    How did we come to this idea? How did a wise man who saw everyone falling into the same mold come to this idea centuries ago?

    Well, it could be that we all feel that when everything is the same, when nothing changes, then it becomes stagnant and boring.

    Or perhaps, I was just raised this way.

    The stereotype of a perfect athelete is one who is bigger, faster and stronger then everyone else.

    Whether your playing gustball, battling against another in the arenas, or racing in the guantlets. Are those not the type of people you would say are the best?

    Many of you are nodding, but what would you say if I said... I disagree?

    I was never super tall or super fit, never had the most abilities mastered or knew the fastest routes to get places, but that doesn't mean I can't perform.

    I will admit it was hard for me for a while. Thinking that I would never be able to compete because I would not bend and fit to that desired mold.

    And it is true, I almost wanted to quit.

    But I remember very clearly being told once that there will always be someone bigger, faster and stronger then you are.

    But you have something different that will allow you to succeed and all you have to do is figure out how to use it.

    She was right, I had my mind. The imagination and creative ways to find a path that no other may have seen helped me to succeed in ways others never thought possible.

    Slowly I perfected it while the others depended on their natural abilities.

    Now I am proud to stand before you all as the High Priestess of Chaos, able to serve our Liege Lord at this level without a question in my knowledge or abilities.

    I learned how to work my way around stereotypes and be successful.

    I learned very well that day that although being bigger, faster, and stronger may help a lot. You don't need to fit into that role to become something.

    You can find your own route that doesn't necessarily include a specific type.

    Another stereotype - All people who choose to lead an orderly life are stagnant and boring and all people who follow a more open path of Chaos are evil and without reason.

    Well, I could not disagree with that more. Growing up my mother always told me to be a true pacifist and embrace the virtues of compassion, spirituality and sacrifice.

    I needed to also know how to deal out damaging blows and discipline and embrace Justice and Valor.

    These things may seem completely contradictory to each other.But I learned for myself that they helped each other a lot.

    Each helps you escape the realities of one another for a short while. And when you come back. Your more apt for success.

    This desire to be successful in multiple fields helped me to like a lot of things. And want to be good in a lot of different fields.

    And if that isn't enough evidence for you, I dare you to look around our very own community.

    There is an abundance of super intelligent champions and super athletic nerds. Some of which are in this garden right now.

    Whether it was about sports or about creative performances. I always wanted to shatter stereotypes.

    "Success is the best revenge" and that is a myth that I live by.

    Adventuring into new territories and blazing new pathes just to prove people wrong. Tell me I can not do it. I will show you I can.

    Showing that generalizations are ill-fated and that stereotypes are not always true.

    I want to demonstrate as a first hand example that nobody should tell you that you can't do something just because you don't fit to that mold.

    That is what motivates me the most. When people tell me that I can not do something or I don't have the build to be someone.

    This is a life lesson that I think will help me in the future. It certainly has helped me in the past and gotten me to where I am today standing here before you all.

    I will take it with me everywhere I go for as long as I live. In every single circumstance and every single day. I want to use this philosophy to my advantage.

    However, at the same time, I do not want to just keep it to myself, I want to help spread the word and be an advocate for people. I always knew where I belonged.

    I know where I always will be, big, strong, and fast. And I want to help spread the wisdom.

    I think that anyone can accomplish this and there isn't anything special about me that has allowed me to live by this.

    Wouldn't it be great if everyone could do the same?

    In addition I believe that with everything I do, I want to be successful.

    I think that stereotypes can be used as an excuse for why somebody can't do something.

    Oh I do not have enough time or energy to go out and hunt every day so I will never be able to take down a bear.

    I do not know how to form written words properly or speak fluently or gracefully so I will never be an actor on a stage.

    This is the exact opposite of what I believe in and what chaos truly stands for. And this is what I try and go against.

    I believe that you can accomplish anything as long as you don't use excuses and you just work hard.

    I try to be good at anything I can and take delight when someone asks if there is anything I can't do.

    To be quite honest. I don't know where I am going in life, after the world falls down around us one last time. I don't know if I will continue to stand up here in front of everyone

    Or if I will rejoin my ancestors in the underground who never did find their way back up.

    But I do know that where ever I do go as long as I continue trying to go against the norm and do things that people never thought possible.

    My world, my life, everything. I will make it beautiful.

    So who ever uses stereotypes. People who are either ignorant of the truth or just to lazy to go against the grain and they toss in the towel

    saying that they will never be great just because they can not stick to a certain desired type.

    Stereotypes confine us to a specific road and a specific journey without allowing us to push the boundaries and discover what is truly beautiful in the world.

    I started todays service with the dictionary definition of what a stereotype is by request of Lace several weeks ago.

    Now, let me explain to you what my definition is.

    Stereotype - a noun, an oppressive statement that holds people back from their potential. A chain, waiting to be broken and waiting for a new way.

    So next time someone tries to tell you that you can't do something just because you can't stick to a desired mold.

    Just look at them and say "Yes I can. Watch me work"

    Thank you, may the shadows of night keep and protect you always.

    Stereotypes - Setting someone into a mold that they may not fit into. No one should be forced to be someone they are not. And no one should be judged because of how they look. Do not judge a book by its cover and do not judge a person by the colour, shape, or make of their body.
    High Priestess of Chaos Amber Raine brings us another touching service this time on Stereotyping. Thank you Lace for the request.

    If you have a subject you would like to challenge us on. Please let us know.

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    Please join us this Saturday at 11am for a last visit to the Garden of Chaos in Rift's End.

    This week shall be a very open discussion on where we are all going to go after the end of the world. Will we continue to remain who and what we have been for the past 3 years or are we going to change, leaving what once was behind us?

    Join us for this very open ended discussion of things to come. Share your stories, your memories, and your predictions.

    This will be a very LIVE discussion in game ..

    Those who listen on Avatars Radio alone will sadly miss the meatier parts.

    I hope you will all join us as we say goodbye to yesterday and hello to tomorrow.
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    Thank goodness for Soundcloud. I'm sorry to say that Trufall Selarts won't be able to log in much this weekend and will miss the August 6th Church of the Dark Star. :(

    I wonder if having a tall chat screen with all but the local chat disabled and making screenshots while @Amber Raine , @WrathPhoenix and @Winfield are speaking to be posted for those that want to read them is a possibility?
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    Actually the Church team - Specifically our newest member Winfield.. has come up with a great idea!

    Browncoat Jayson - Bless his soul, had created upon the sotawiki an area specifically for the church services and a library of sorts for all the recordings.

    Winfield has furthered this endeavour by taking recordings in text of all of our services. Mine, Kazyn's and Winfields and will start a text library in the sotawiki as well for any who wish to catch any of the 3 , if not all 3, of the segments.

    So if you should miss a Saturday and you wondered what Kazyn and Winfield may have said. Now you can head on over to the sotawiki and find all the text documents there.

    With that said.... You will be missed this weekend Lady Selarts, your presence in the church is a blessing to us all.

    May the shadows of night keep and protect you!
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    In fact, here's the page on SotAWiki for the sermons (text and voice recording). I am helping with the capture and loading of text for the three sermons. Is not hard, as there is a Chat Log on the PC.

    You can see we are queued up for the next topic: August 6, 2016 - "Discarding the Old" - in PaxLair

    Oh! The Welcome Quest is at 1200 PM Noon Central US Time in PaxLair immediately following the Sermon on August 6. So not far to travel at all between Sermon and Welcome Quest!

    See everyone at the Sermon! Look for something about fishing in every one of my Balance Sermons.
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    Too much fresh air and fish might have our days get confused.. Service and Welcome Quest are on August 6th :)
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