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    When: Every Saturday 11am CT
    Where: Church of the Dark Star, PaxLair
    What: High Priestess of Chaos Amber Raine and Kazyn Phoenixfyre of the Church of the Sun, Port Phoenix, shall be hosting services inside the Church of the Dark Star, PaxLair

    We welcome those that follow the path of Chaos as well as any that wish to learn what freedom of choice truly is about. Kazyn Phoenixfyre brings his own spin on the shared topics as a virtue follower. Together we unite under one roof for equality.

    *Note* Equality does not mean balance!

    For those that are unable to attend but have interest in listening to them, whether for catch up or simply because you can not make the posted times. They have been and will continue to be posted on sound cloud.

    Thank you to all those that have joined us in the last weeks, and to Net for saying "put that in the events forum" ;)
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    Will you say something to explain the mysterious hovering tent? Is it a portent*? Why does it hover above the Church? Why is it only visible to some and not to others?

    * sorry
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    I have died when tripping over pebble, so I visited in ghost form:)
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    That... is epic!

    And with that said!!

    May 2nd 2015
    Accidents can be blessings too!

    Good Morning everyone, please don't mind the mess as we are under construction and rebuilding of our church here in..
    where are we? Right! We are in PaxLair! Truly the undiscovered lands of PaxLair. New to us all!
    We were going to have the service today in the cemetary but as can be seen outside, even that has yet to be replanted.
    So a new land? New undiscovered possibilities, unexpected, unplanned, unknowing. Sounds Chaotic, and absolutely serendipitous to me! Anyone else here looking forward to it all?
    I know I am looking forward to the welcome quest coming up today! So we can see some of these unexpected, yet expected things! What has been? What will be? The world is brand new all over again!
    Such possibilities of the serendipitous!

    How do we define serendipity? Well the simplest and most popular way of explaining it is to refer to it simply as a happy accident but it can be much more then this.
    Serendipity occurs when something beautiful breaks into the normal routine of our lives bringing you vitality and joy.
    It may even be something valuable and beneficial. It is totally unexpected.Something we were not knowingly looking for and because of it, life may never be the same again.

    Well that sounds familiar doesn't it? Serendipity synonymous with Chaos? As many of us have witnessed, experienced and even learned. That does indeed seem to be the case.
    I have many times said, all things beautiful first started from complete chaos. Everything seems a mess, perhaps even broken. Yet from these broken things new pathes are formed
    Decisions and choices need to be made, we may not even know if we are making the right decisions. Is it going to go the right way? We may not even know what it is we want.
    Yet somehow, with the ability to have anything happen, everything happen. Growth begins and we are left with exactly that which we needed even if we first did not know it.
    Serendipity, I believe is the epitome of Chaos.
    Centuries ago, the moons we now see shattered above us came colliding in to each other. The world was in turmoil, no one knew what to do, where to go, it was a very dark time.
    Yet we look around us and we see the most beautiful growth that anyone could have ever even imagined. No one was looking for it, not a soul I would imagine could have even predicted this would come to pass..
    But yet, I dare you to look out the door, and say that what you see is not exactly that. Exactly what we as a people needed, exactly that which has been beneficial, valuable and has brought vitality and joy to our lives.
    From Chaos all things are created in the end beautiful, serendipitous. How then could anyone not see how wonderful the choice to be free from judgements and boundaries truly is?
    I had many problems in my heart and soul that were left over from the abuse and health issues I have experienced in my life.
    You see very often if we are in a circumstance that is hurting us, or perhaps you have lived in a life where you were being hurt.
    Maybe you were not given love and attention. Maybe you had a lot of verbal abuse, some angry person telling you that you were no good all the time, always finding fault with you
    Always saying critical things to you "You'll never amount to anything why can't you be like your brother, why can't you be like your sister"
    What ever it is that angry people say, like the moons above causing you to come crashing in on yourself.
    Maybe you were physically abused, I know people who were locked in closets, denied food, beaten unmercifully because they had angry people around them.
    It is amazing the horrible things people do to other people. But the one thing that I have always tried to see, and show others. Hurting people hurt people.

    Let me say that again very clearly: Hurting people, hurt people.
    I honestly do not think there are very many people who sincerely get up every morning and think "well I am just going to see how many people I can piss off today"
    I think many times people are acting out of their own pain. And of course the cycle just goes around and around. We are treated this way and then we get angry and bitter and resentful
    have a chip on our shoulder, spend our life feeling sorry for ourselves, get into all kinds of addictive behaviours, and then spend our lives hating somebody else
    and hurting somebody else so that they can then turn around and do the same thing. And then there it goes, like the moons, continuously slamming into each other generation after generation.
    But I am here this morning to let you know that if you have been hurt in the past, it does not have to go beyond you to anyone else.
    You have the power to choose to stop the collision of your own moon into someone else. And instead being good to them. Which in turn can not only completely heal you
    and make you just as if it had never happened to you but to never let it go on to anybody else in your generation. And that is wonderful good news.
    If you choose to do that, not only will you heal yourself, and take that fear and impact off of you. But without knowing it, delivering to the person that is hurting you a chance to see a better happier life.
    Think about the ground breaking impact this could have not only on those around you, but inward to yourself as well.
    Chaos, is a path of serendipitous, a path of surprises. Things happen at times when we least expect them.
    Life may just be routinely ticking over, we may find ourselves facing frustrations or difficulties, then suddenly, quite often unexpectedly a new thing happens and it changes our lives forever.
    That person crashing into you, you turn around and are nice to them, suddenly, unexpected to them, not a reaction they would expect. Halts their collision course even for a brief moment
    and it can change lives forever, knocking them off course so they no longer collide into another. Just that little jolt can often times be enough to make things beautiful as the storms end.
    Some believe that this is not the case, but look around you, it is amazing what life altering amazing things that can happen, when the storm ends.
    It happened recently in fact. The storms were brewing, there was no hope in sight. Fear brewed in the hearts of many and anger was manifesting.
    Collisions of magnitudes of nearly immeasurable porportions were exploding everywhere. And these collisions caused fear to pass around the citizens of the lands from person to person.
    Yet, it took just one unexpected instance, for someone to decide they were not going to be fearful of the storms and instead welcome them. Invite them in and see what happened.
    The outcome was unknown, it could not be predicted, anything could have happened from the worst to the best. Yet this person decided to take this path, and watched to see what happened.
    Amazingly, to the surprise of many, the storms started to dissipate, as each person awoke to realize there was nothing to fear, the fear was what was causing these storms to grow bigger in temperment.
    As more and more people shook off the layers of fear that laid upon them, not passing it on to the next person and instead passing on the beauty that laid in a life of acceptance,
    the storm finally was destroyed and dissipated. The skies cleared and things were once again at peace.
    Ultimately the people became stronger for it, turning into a more positive and productive community instead of destructive and shattered. Carrying on their responsibilities with even a deeper sense of commitment.
    Creating from this shedding of fear and birth of life something they were willing to share with outsiders not having ever visited their lands. For without the fear of the storm, there was nothing stopping them from sharing it with others.
    ~looks around at the streamers and then to Kazyn~
    This is chaos, risk it all without fear of of what may happen, but use that in a positive manner, don't be a **** about it. Beauty and peace, vitality of life and unexpected happiness can blossom from just ending the storm.

    So as with the story, sometimes unexpected things happen that seem to agenda only anxiety and fear and the reasons for them are far from clear, usually quite stormy and overcast.
    There are no answers forth coming, but only later does the true value of that initial revelation fall into place.
    I challange everyone here, perhaps you are still sitting in the brewing of a storm, perhaps you are the storm, consider this..
    Is it a time now for you to choose to be without answers? To live in hope that soon something will break into your life that will make sense of the present.
    Serendipity it seems works on all kinds of levels.
    And for all of us, there is always room for hope and expectation, and managing other peoples hopes and expectations.
    But the deeper point is it expands the possiblilities of our imagination. It allows us to explore our sense of wonder, it is about expecting the unexpected.
    Everything we choose to do, as we allow ourselves the freedom, is done to appeal to our sense of wonder. We are often times at risk of losing this however.
    Watching others and reacting similar to them because they are doing it. Seeing a list of rules and what society states is how you should react and doing it. Expecting others to react and act as you do or turning against them.
    But doing this, then takes away the element of surprise. It can flatten experience, it can stagnate when everyone does the exact same thing and knows exactly what to expect from everyone around them.
    How many can honestly sit here and say to the person sitting next to you that you do not during your day, at least once, hope that something breaks into the normal daily routine of your lives.
    We all need the vitality and joy of new experiences.
    So serendipity and chaos is something we all truly need, to enhance our lives, to a point we actually even if secretly wish for it to happen.
    Now I know, imagination can be a dangerous word for many because to some it implies empty fantasy as in "don't be ridiculous, it is all in your imagination"
    Or it can suggest mere fabrication, falsehood or distortion. But what is freedom, indeed what has freedom ever been without imagination?
    Freedom and growth is a drama, a journey into the mystery and wonder of life and a forward motion of unexplored and unexpected.
    Indeed Chaos, freedom and growth, at its deepest level is also the mystery of human existence. And we, as a people, strive to bring that mystery alive.
    We use all kinds of symbols, metaphors and images, to penetrate what we imagine to have and hold on to. And bring us in touch with the mysteries of life.
    Artists, poets and musicians, indeed all who work in a greater creative endeavour, are undertaking this task all the time.
    There are times where we should literally be finding ourselves living in the space between knowing and unknowing. This is the fertile field of imagination.
    I can best explain what i mean by this knowing and unknowing by looking around us as we explore this world we find ourselves living in. Each month we experience something new.
    Each month the powers that be work feverishly to bring us things that they believe may help us here, not knowing how we might react. We wake on this morning each month, not knowing what to expect.
    Both sides of the coin, us and them have thoughts and believe we know what it is that will happen.
    On the one hand there is the image that seems conditioned by our own personal conceptions. The image we have imagined and constructed that serves our own needs.
    And, on the other there is the unknown. So completely and unexplainably other, it is the mystery that can not be known. This is the authentic and mysterious truth which passes all understanding.
    Many people struggle between these two positions and this allows us to find ourselves alert and alive to new possibilities, new interpretations and understandings.
    Our path of Chaos. The taking of allowing ourselves to be free of all bonds that bind us allows our imagination to be ignited. Our sense of wonder is over hauled
    and challanged to prepare us in that task.
    New experiences, perhaps new friendships. New jobs or tasks that come our way. Holidays, entertainments and of course a new life coming into the world.
    Can suddenly compel us to see life in a new and transforming way.
    All of these things and more, may bring about a new depth of experience.
    In the storms, when all things seem lost, weather it be the real storm or a metaphorical one we may find ourselves at the threshold of something that may change our lives
    It may very well be an event that will change the whole world.
    Consider this, for it shall remind you of the power and potential of the unexpected.
    So, what does this mean for us? Our own experience of the unexpected, the chaotic and serendipitous moments of life, may be far removed from our utility but most certainly no less significant
    or transforming for us as individuals.
    The only trouble with the unexpected is it always seems to happen when you least expect it.
    So I again challange you, to inwardly prepare to expect the unexpected.
    I believe it is time to make a decision to walk out of bondage, leave the storms and crumbled remnants of what was behind and find the freedom that each person was truly born into.
    Do not live in the past pain for even one more day.
    Do not miss this opportunity to learn all you can about the life of freedom that is being offered to you.
    Do not deny yourself the accidents that can be blessings too!
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    Let us accept that in every negative.. There is at least one. Many times several. Positives in it!

    Something good is going to happen to you! Something positive is going to happen through you!

    Wow, just.... WoW. Look at you all here today? As much as I have always hoped to see this happen. I know that the power of positivity and keeping my hopes up helped a lot. Just look at you all. Thank you.
    Good Morning and blessed Happy Saturday! I want to admit that today beyond any other day I not only asked to be given the words to speak today but I was touched, seriously shoved straight in my face what
    todays message was going to be. "Get Your Hope Up!" The Charities that are springing forth, the wonderfulness that is PaxLair, my soon to be wedding, and after last night... putting the exclamation point on it
    When Rustic Dragon and I just sealed the deal of him coming up here on May 30th. It was obvious what today *had* to be about. So... let me start by saying
    Many times we have a problem and we think it is the worst thing that is going to happen in our lives but if we stay focused on the positives instead of the negatives
    things indeed become a little easier to handle.
    If we will stay a positive attitude and stay full of hope, there is a power that can be drawn in to our lives from such a simple thing.
    THere is no situation that we can not take and turn around if instead of focusing on the negative we accept that in every negative there is at least one, many times several positives in it.
    So what ever it is that may seem like a real problem to you today, let us try to back off and think for a minute "how can i find a positive in this situation?"
    I believe it is going to put a smile on your face and you are going to be filled with hope.
    I would like to take for example the charity drive that is happening on May 23rd. A charity for
    These are people that daily find the difficulties in what we all take for granted, find clean drinking water. Yet they continue on, with the power of positive thinking that thnigs will get better.
    So with that, today I am, we are, asking you to turn around your thnking, and realize that if these less fortunate can keep positive with the troubles they face. Why not support and give the power of hope
    A chance to work in your lives also?
    Open your heart with compassion as you realize there are those that sacrifice much more then they will ever have.
    Whether Chaos or Order the virtues are ones that should be embraced when considering those less fortunate then yourself.
    Let truth, love, and courage be your guide and Join us as we help bring clean water to those that may other wise find dirt in their drinks.
    Going to start today with a story some may already have heard. There were these two identical twins, they were exactly alike in every way except for one.
    One was a hope filled optomist who only saw the bright side in life in every situation and the other was a very dark minded pessimist who only saw the down side in everything.

    The parents began to worry about the extremes in the children of optimism and pessimism and so they took them to the doctor. The doctor suggested a plan
    On their next birthday give the pessimist the pessimist a shiny new bike but give the optomist only a pile of manure.
    It seemed a very extreme thing to do, after all, the parents always had treated their boys equally. But, in this instance, they decided to take the good doctors advice.
    So when the twins birthday came around the parents gave the pessimist the most expensive top of the range bike a child had ever owned and when he saw the bike his first words were
    "I will probably crash and break my legs"
    To the optomist they gave a carefully wrapped box of manure. He opened it, looked puzzled for a moment then ran outside screaming
    "You can't fool me! Where there is this much manure there has to be a pony!"
    Many people question how I can always look at the positives in life. No matter the situation, I always try to find at least one positive to focus on and I build off of that.
    Well, let me share with you that I was, for a large part of my life, an extremely negative person. I saw what was wrong with everything and I had been hurt a lot in my life, as many by now know.
    I had lots and lots of dissapointments, from past up until even recently back in November when I believed all my dreams were finally going to come true and again they were shattered and they did not happen.
    But I remained positive. And on May 30th, part of that dream is infact coming true when Rustic Dragon is going to be coming up here to visit. Hold on to the hope of the positives!
    Really to be honest I think back over the years and I truly can not remember ever being happy. And that is sad when somebody grows up that way because sometimes the way you get started is the way you stay
    If you do not help think positively on the mess in your life and give you a brand new beginning.
    I believe people who have had a tough time in their lives are afraid to expect anything good because they do not want to be disappointed.
    In fact I was having this very same discussion only recently with a sister. ~looks at Wind Silvermoon with a wink~
    The pain of dissapointment has been so over powering in their lives that they just think "well I am not going to think anything good will come of this because it probably is not going to anyway"
    I want to tell you, if that is you, Today, you need to make a promise to yourself to make a change.
    Think on those poeple without the water, that the charity is going to help. If they sat down and thought only on the fact they are not ever going to have clean water, how miserable they would be.
    Yet they keep the hope, they raise it higher and higher with the power of positive thought and we with the power to help can help make those hopes and dreams a reality.
    You need to make a change.
    It is amazing how good life can get if you refuse to not stop hoping and continuing to fill your life with hope.
    I can tell you something, if you hope for something good your whole life and never got it. You would still be better off then if you hoped for nothing and got it.
    Because when you are full of hope, your happy.
    And joy is energy. To be happy gives us strength and power. Depression and loss of hope is only there to steal our Joy but if we do not let it, if we focus instead on the positives we get to keep our joy.
    I actually feel physical energy flowing into my body when I have a good attitude and stay positive and I feel everything draining down when I have a bad attitude.
    Now, let me tell you something. Your attitude is yours. Nobody can make you have a good one if you do not want to and nobody can make you have a bad one if you don't want to.

    I am going to say that again, your attitude is your own. Nobody can make you have a good one if you do not want to, there is not enough good stuff that can happen to a negative person to keep them happy.
    And nobody can "make you" have a bad attitude if you dont' want to.
    We think because circumstances have been bad in our lives that we have to have a bad attitude and out look on everything. We are just obligated to have a bad attitude.
    That is, obviously, the natural way of thinking. But you don't have to do that. Look at all the people with a world of hurt and pain, trouble after trouble that befalls them that still try to find the positives.
    They seem to happy even when you realize just how much manure they have to dig through just to keep their heads above that water.
    The reason for that is the power that is on the inside from just the mere power of positive thoughts is far greater then anything that is on the outside.
    For those of you here today, I am going to challange you to just "cheer up and do it on purpose."
    I know some of you may have had a very difficult year. Maybe some of you have had a difficult five years. Maybe some of you have had a difficult life.
    But I want to tell you, you can not assist the depressions and negatives
    in destroying your life by getting down and discouraged and negative minded and becoming a pessimist
    and refusing to believe anything good is going to happen. We get what we believe for.
    I say this a lot "I would rather believe for a lot and get half of it, then believe for nothing and get it all"
    I believe a lot of times we are not aggressive enough. We just decide we are not going to ever have anything go our ways and so we just give up. We need to put up a fight and get more aggressive in hoping
    Loud! Proud! And Aggressive! Thank You Ember for those words! ~looks at her sister and winks~

    We need to stop waiting to see what is going to happen, "Well, I hope that this is going to make a little money for the charity" ~says glumly while shrugging lazily~
    You know as well as me that is not hope, that is no more then simply wishing. What I am talking about here is sincere hope.

    True hope causes you to believe that good things are going to happen. "This *Is* going to make money to help this charity." "we *are* going to make a small difference in the drinking water of several"
    The definition of hope is a confident, joyful, expectation that something good is going to happen. I love that!

    Okay so listen to me when I tell you this, cause a lot of people will respond to all of this with "well I can not help it if i feel that way"
    We're not talking about how we feel! We're talking about what we decide to believe... do we remember? I believe! I believe!

    we are talking about What we decide to believe and what we decide to say. And, I know I keep saying it but seriously do it. Get your mouth open and say it outloud.
    Say something positive. Because what you say, runs across your face gets in your ears, drops back down into your body, and you can literally talk yourself into a better mood.
    I said - You *Can* talk yourself into a better mood!

    You *can* talk yourself out of a bad mood. You *can* talk yourself out of a pity party! And you do it with staying positive and hopeful.

    Hope is the "Anticipation" of something good. I started saying this only recently in my own life, on a real regular basis. I do not miss very many days, and I have been encouraging people
    everywhere I go. If I were you before you even put your feet on the floor in the morning and most certainly do it within the first few minutes you are up...
    Open your mouth and say.. yes you heard me again.. OPEN your mouth and SAY.. Yes I mean speak it outloud.
    "Something good is going to happen to me today!"
    I don't think i heard you... "something good is *going* to happen to me today!"
    And don't stop there! Don't stop there, go on and finish that thought..
    "And something good is going to happen through me today"
    "Something good is going to happen to me.. and something good is going to happen through me today"
    Don't stop at just wanting to be blessed. We are blessed to be a blessing.

    Hope is very simply a positive attitude and mind set. The hopeful person absolutely refuses to be negative in any way.
    Although they recognize and *deal* with their problems, they remain hopeful in thought, attitude and conversation all the way through the bad things.
    They remain hopeful! in thought, attitude *And* conversation! and Conversation, the spoken word. *And* conversation.. all the way through the negatives.
    Anybody can decide to be hopeful. If I can not get that through you today, I am pretty much wasting my time.
    Because if we are going to let our feelings and our circumstances determine whether our hope is up or down then we have just turned over the keys and lost the fight before we even started.

    But every person who is hearing my voice right now, whether it is on, your watching later on youtube, your listening through the radio. You are playing this on sound cloud tomorrow.
    Your here in the room, your listening to the Aether Amplifier, or just reading my text. You *can* decide today to be full of hope!
    Why would anybody decide to want anything else? If you can make yourself happy, why would you choose not to do it?
    Your thoughts, your attitudes, your words belong to you. And you do not have to wait for some special feeling to be hopeful.
    "We make decisions, and feelings catch up with our decisions"
    "We make decisions, and feelings catch up with our decisions"
    We don't wait to see how we feel then make a decision.
    "well hey, are you going to help support this charity?" "Are you going to go on the welcome quest this morning?" , "Are you going to go to that saturday service Kazyn and Amber put their hearts into?"
    "well I am going to wait and see how I feel"
    Well, your not coming! I mean you are *not* coming! ~shrugs~
    May the power of hope let you be filled with all joy and peace in believing.
    Let me repeat this just one more time. Expect something good to happen to you today and every day.
    It is said, those that are generous will be blessed. I have seen many many miracles in many many peoples lives through the power of giving.
    As many know I am a strong beleiver in the 3 fold law and it is said.
    Give and it shall be given onto you. I believe giving is one of the special priviledges that we have.
    And I really want to make sure that I have the time to help you if you need extra help to learn about the power of giving. Sacrifice and Compassion. Just in case you are not already aware of it.
    So today, as you leave here. I am going to ask you to consider that charity that is in the update of the Avatar. The future charities that are coming forth to us.
    Today I am going to do something I do not ever do. I am going to ask you to consider giving a financial gift to help with not only the charity for but also anything else you have found yourself
    truly appreciating and using in your daily lives. As you enjoy these things, it is right for you to give back what you are being given.
    I do not enjoy one sided relationships and I do not think that you do either. And I hope that what Kazyn, myself, and all those involved in is a major part of your life that is really helping you.
    I am asking you to help us, not only to keep this happening but to reach out to other people all over the world that are in need of hope and help.
    Open your heart with compassion as you realize there are those that sacrifice much more then they will ever have.
    Whether Chaos or Order the virtues are ones that should be embraced when considering those less fortunate then yourself.
    Let truth, love, and courage be your guide and Join us as we help bring clean water to those that may other wise find dirt in their drinks.

    Thank you so much.