Community Livestream - Envy Angel (Mar 1)

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    Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday March 1 at 4 PM CT on Twitch!

    This week we are going to show off The Envy Angel! Our latest seasonal boss monster missed Valentine’s Day—or Sequanna’s Day, as it is known in Novia—and she’s not happy about it. Well, The Envy Angel is never quite happy about anything really, except perhaps attention from her admirers. Rumor has it that her bow is a powerful artifact. Anyone who wants more information about her, should find Hyun the courier in the Necropolis Barrens. People say he was supposed to be delivering love letters but was waylaid as he tried to take a shortcut through the Envy Angel’s home! The courier offers a quest to recover the letters for him. In fact, he may ask avatars to perform a similar quest on a daily basis!

    This Thursday will be the first time you can start earning Release 63 Dark Spring stretch goals by making a purchase or by participating in the Rewards program!
    • $15K: Flower Hairpiece
    • $30K: Dark Leaf Spear
    • $45K: Flower Bed
    • $60K: Dark Thorn Wand & Dark Thorn 1H Sword
    • $75K: Titans Flowered Topiary Statues
    • $90K: Dark Thorn Mace & Dark Leaf Shield
    • $105K: Cenote Player Dungeon Room (open to sky with water and plants)
    • $125K: Dark Thorn 2H Sword and Dark Thorn Staff

    As usual we will be giving out prizes at 4:15 and 4:45! To be eligible all you need to do is either make any purchase in the store or log into the game and type "Dark Spring is in the air" in the chat window (no purchase necessary).

    Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4 PM CDT

    Are You a Livestreamer?
    Get this exclusive in-game Streamer Camera for being a veteran of our Livestreamer Program!

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