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Cooking Up Some Crafting Tables

Discussion in 'Developer Blog' started by FireLotus, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Reposted from Scottie's original post in the Dev+ Area.
    Hello again!

    Scottie here, with a new thread showing off some of our Crafting Stations that are in-progress as we speak... I'm about to head off for a week out of office, so I figured I'd leave you with some fun stuff to look at!

    We had a few of these functioning in our RTX demo, and though those were our first stabs at crafting, we soon began designing all the details that would go into each of the tables to give them their own unique look and feel...

    The idea of these tables is that they are mostly devoid of any tools and ingredients (these get placed on the table's interface as icons when you begin a crafting "recipe"). Assuming the recipe is a success, the tools will get a little worn and will remain to be placed back into your inventory, the expendable ingredients will all vanish, and these will be replaced by the icon(s) for whatever crafting creation you've just made!

    As you can see below, our first few tables were somewhat simplistic and allowed us to test the look of the things as we barely started dealing with functionality. There are relatively empty of any major table-surface details, but I'll eventually be going back and adding stuff like stains, splotches of paint, woodchips, sawdust, etc...

    As you can see, somewhat simplistic, and in the case of the Milling Table, quite anachronistic (What exactly is supposed to be in that black box under the table,...gearworks? We'll never know...)... The final look of these tables is still somewhat under debate...as you can imagine... The Woodworking Table, however, IS based on the age-old designs of tables such as this throughout history... Once they got the basic needs figured out, the essential concept of these types of tables really hasn't changed... For that one, I'll just most likely be sprucing up its detail level a bit.

    As we got further along in the process, though, and I had a chance to sit down with Richard and really hammer the designs out better, we got some MUCH better inspiration for some of the more recent tables, as you can see below...

    Here's the Butcher's Table, in all its gory glory:


    And here's the Alchemy Table, created by Jay:


    Here we have the Cooking Table, with its cheerful fire, and some of the first attached special effects and built-in lighting:


    And here's the Smelting Table, where you melt down the ore you mine and other metal ingots to pour into the molds used to makes all sorts of stuff later when blacksmithing:


    With these intial six mostly done, we have five more to go before this task is complete! At that point we'll be off to make all the props and icons for the Tools, Ingredients, and all the Products you can create!
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