Could anybody use Beautiful Britannia?

Discussion in 'The Kingdoms of Old' started by CastChaos, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Those who don't know about BB now learn about it.

    I'd ask on some BB forums, but I don't find such anymore, especially not that had any UIX related posts in the late 2-3 years.

    A download page is here and another is there.
    It is supposed to be a patch that drastically improves the graphics of Ultima IX.

    Thing is, I couldn't make it work.
    -I have patch 1.19f, and if I recall, even 'g' and 'h' on top of it. I almost recall the BB installer putting the latter two in, but it's confusing, since I know BB conflicts with some parts of these patches (like, it has it's own "nonfixed9" file), so they should be separate. Not like I found separate downloads for them right now...
    -I have config set to the values described in the BB readme.

    Now, more than a year ago, I downloaded BB R3 (probably right after it came out) and followed the manual installation instructions. I started a new game, but no new graphics appeared.
    I seen there was a newer instruction, claiming I only needed to run one of the files, so before I played next time, I ran that file (it was newer than the instructions that described the manual installation) and started brand new game. Similarly without graphical results.
    The effects of the 'g' and 'h' patches are seeming to be in, since Jaana appears for me and the Runes/Sigils aren't floating above Shrines.

    So, anybody having any BB experiences?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.