Daily "Keep Wars" in the Chaos Crossroads. Daily War and PVP event

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    Welcome PVP'rs! The Chaos Crossroads is now set up for our daily PVP free for all war event.
    We have set up 2 keeps in the center of town for oposing guilds, players or groups to use for
    daily PVP and wars. The guilds that will be fighting may change and so may the groups. You can
    come in solo or choose a side. We are going to get this event started in the next few days I will post
    an update with daily times. We have Atos the SOTA developer "Chris Spears" is will be claiming his lot
    soon! I put his house right in the line of fire MUAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA. We are trying to build a true PVP
    community so lets use this time to test our new builds, PK people, Defend our keep and have a great time.

    Come to the town center by the docs to see the work that we have done to get this started. Also when you are
    here grab a row lot or a village lot and live here. We have crafting vendors, bankers and everything you need
    to progress when living in a PVP town. Remember there are no rules in the Chaos Crossroads! So get ready for
    some action.

    If anyone has an ideas on how to structure this event to make it better please PM me @ Chaos Darkbane again I will be updating a confirmed window of time that will be used for this event daily really soon. Until then come to the Chaos Crossroads and test your build and look for a fight!

    Guilds: Move all your PVPers in and dominate the area. Take it over if you can MUAAHAHBHAHAHA

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