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Deck switching feed back

Discussion in 'Release 20 Feedback' started by fireflygirl, Aug 23, 2015.

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    First I love how the game is going and the combat re-balance.

    I am trying to build a ranger like character and have invested a lot of points in getting both ranged and melee skills as well as the stamina reduction for switching decks. Back a few months ago when I was playing last we could instantly switch decks including armor sets and weapons which did feel a little over powered frankly. I like the idea that changing armor does make switching decks much longer, but I have found the 4 second casting time makes switch weapon sets to be a bit long and makes switching form ranged to melee is a bit impractical. I think switching decks that is only switching weapons and not armor should only take 1 to 2 seconds instead of the current 4 seconds to make the large point investment into going both ranged and melee more practical. It would also be more realistic because it should not take so long to put your melee weapons away and draw your ranged weapons or other way around. I still think that switching armor should take much longer because that is also realistic. I hope you consider reducing the time it takes to switch decks when only weapons are being switched, because currently I think the long switching time does not justify the point investment by going both melee and ranged.
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