Elysium Social Nights! - Hosted by the Phoenix Republic

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    Each saturday we meet together in Elysium and have a whole series of activities with our friends inside and outside of the island and the republic. This month we begin rotating social night in and out of some of our most popular events!

    The schedule for this month is as follows:

    • Saturday Nov 21 @6pm NBT - SotA Concert Series! - Join us in Port Phoenix and listen to some of Shroud of the Avatar's musicians play music from our many varying instrument types. Want to watch? Then take a seat! Got a new piece you want to show off? Come play for the crowd! Want to show off your whole band? Then bring them on out! We will play as little or as much as there is interest!

    • Saturday Nov 28 @ 6pm NBT - MagicSweeper! - Join us once a month as we engage in a game of MAGICSweeper! Magicsweeper is Novia's first ever true game show emerging first from right inside Elysium! Play games, win prizes, beat your friends or be part of the audience!Will you go big and risk it all.... or walk away with what you've earned? The choice is yours!

    • Saturday December 5 @ 6pm NBT - Arts in the Heart of Elysium - Join us each month in a different spot within Elysium for a monthly block party celebrating all of the people and places that make Elysium great! This event was originally started by the Phoenix Republic in order to promote the foundation of Port PHoenix at the founders ball and has since evolved into a celebration of music, dancing, story telling, crafting and even occasional PVP!

    • Saturday December 12 @ 6pm NBT - BOSS HUNT!!!! - Join the Phoenix Republic and our friends and allies as we roam all of Novia looking for bosses to hunt, take down massive beasts and have a great time (Usually encouraged by alcohol!) with our friends! You do not need to be an Elysian to join! Just ask Kazyn Phoenixfyre or Malakas who to zone to in order to sign up!
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    Hi WrathPhoenix! Where can we find the location for tonight? I'm in the game now.