Empty scenes, old towns... - A rework

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    I know some won't agree with me, and it's a sensible subject, but I do stand my ground on this one.

    There's too many empty towns (not that many, but still too many), copy/paste scenes on the game that should either disappear, either being reworked.

    A friend of mine started the game with me and leaved because of this, and I'm assuming he's not the only one repelled by such things. He likes to wander around in MMOs and talk to every NPCs in towns. And discovering towns with unnamed NPCs and no special conversations, copy/paste scenes (South Midmaer Way and Lamech Bazaar), made him feel like the game was still in beta.

    I know the devs are working hard on making new scenes, and I do really like the new one, but you can't progress while having scenes looking like "unfinished businesses".

    I'm not sure it would require a lot of work to enhance them. Maybe involving players in the "redo" work could be nice, making a contest to rework those scenes, adding quests, conversations, etc...

    Same issues with the unfinished quests (skull clippers & inoperables kobolds guns).

    Either delete this or improve it, please!
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    I think the game doesn't lack assets. It lacks good use of those assets.
    One example: South Midmaer Way / Lamech's Bazaar is a huge, mostly empty, scene. Instead of instantiating it with many copies, how about shoving the content in one scene?
    I'll name a few scenes that could house multiple different adventures in them:
    1) South Midmaer Way / Lamech's Bazaar;
    2) North Brightbone Woods;
    3) Verdantis Foothills / Spectral Peaks*;
    4) Northwest Blackblade Mountains*;
    5) Every Shardfall and Ruins;

    If these scenes had some kind of progression in difficulty within them, with different features coexisting, I'm sure players would explore more and come back later when they're stronger to check that area they couldn't do before.
    In the current state of the old scenes, you find out its content challenge within the first hundred meters and then is rinse and repeat.

    *remark: some scenes have some degree of multiple adventures in them, but could be vastly improved.

    Just populate existing scenes with different kinds/levels of challenge
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    Veritas Sanctuary
    Unfortunately, Sannio has said they have no intention of reworking older scenes.
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    Im just confused a ship building operation was set up in the NPC town of Elads lighthouse with players having no ability to chop wood in the area.