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    About the guild -

    The Followers of Lugh are a casual guild that was established to help new players and provide a gathering point for a few friends. There are no guild requirements and we ask nothing of our members other then to be supportive and respectful to the players of SOTA. All players are welcome, whether you are a veteran or someone just starting out, it makes no difference to us. We have players in different time zones, so often you should find someone online no matter what time you play. We have many different play styles so we have members that partake in all different aspects of the game including PvE, PvP, crafting, trading, decorating and even role-playing.

    Services the guild provides -
    • We have an establishment located in Novia Market if you need a free place to live and store your items.
    • We have guild vendors (commision free) that are located in Novia Market and Soltown which are free to use for all members.
    • Our officers have been playing for years and can answer any questions you have about the game.
    • Our officers have grandmaster status in nearly every skill in the game, so we can mentor you to train skills faster.
    • We have skilled crafters that can create equipment tailored to your specific character and style of play.
    • We can teach you about deck building, combat and other game mechanics.
    • We have our own discord channel so that we can communicate inside and outside of the game.
    Who is Lugh? -

    In Celtic mythology, Lugh was known as a sun god and a fierce warrior. He was also known as a god of storms, particularly thunderstorms. He was associated with the raven, crow, and lynx, and had a magic hound. Lugh possessed several magical weapons, including an invincible Spear, one of the treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann. It is said that the Spear never missed its target and was so bloodthirsty it would often try to fight without anyone wielding it.

    How to join -

    If this sounds like the right guild for you, please contact me or one of our officers and you will be added to the guild. If you have any questions, feel free to add me to your friends list and I will do my best to answer them!

    Adam Crow (US eastern)
    Yigg Endimion (US central)
    Rhunen (Australia)
    Kalidorn Damar (US Eastern)

    Thanks for taking the time to read about our guild, and we hope to see you in the game!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.