Game control: PC options other than mouse/keyboard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alfric Jodoc, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. Alfric Jodoc

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    San Antonio, TX
    I've been out of the loop/game for a while due to RL. Since I last played SotA, I noticed the interface has changed notably.

    I'm getting by okay-ish so far with just the mouse & keyboard. However, my gut tells me that having another form of control, like an analog controller, would really do the trick.

    Am I making an accurate assumption? If so, what kind/brand of analog controller should I get?
  2. Zmey

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    I too would like something 'more'.
    As a new player I have been searching for alternatives. I came across this thread and started my search for a new controller.

    I ended up getting two controllers and a new mouse.
    The mouse is a G602 Logitech. It is awesome as a mouse but not what I really wanted as a controller.
    So I got the Steam Controller and found a way to use it in game without having the game in Steam.
    (My pledge was not a Steam pledge). It works well as a controller and does almost everything I wanted it to do.

    Both the Logitech mouse and the Steam controller require I use a dongle.
    I hate dongles. My setup is a Surface Pro4 and keeping up with dongles is a pain.
    The reason for using a dongle is because the bluetooth connections are said to lag.
    Maybe that is a problem for a more advanced player but I'm a novice at best.
    I've only been in game for a few weeks.
    (In the past (years ago) I was addicted to Quake and some of the other shoot'em up games like that.)

    My latest controller is the DS4 for Playstation. It is a better option (maybe)...
    I like the feel of it but as a novice I am having some newbie issues with setting it up.
    This will not take long but getting up to speed with how to configure keys and buttons is all new to me at this stage.

    Here is my suggestions so far.
    (may change tomorrow or next week) LOL
    G602 - A GREAT wireless mouse. Fits my hand well and can be programmed to do more.
    I did not take the time to program it so I can't say it will do all I want but I love the mouse feel and use.
    Uses a special dongle that is must be used.
    Got mine at Best Buy with price match on Amazon at $49

    Steam Controller - Good controller with lots of buttons to program.
    I used Vald the Impaler steam script to start with and modified to what I wanted.
    The reason to use these types of controllers is for the mousepad. The mousepad can be used for 'mouse look'
    Because the game allows the character to 'look' and move with the mouse this is a great way to do it from a controller.
    I got mine on Amazon for about $40

    DS4 Playstation Controller -
    This is my current choice. (probably because I just got it this week)
    I like the way it works and is setup. The mouse pad is at the top which is ok but needs some practice to use efficiently.

    I used InputMapper to connect it to my PC.
    There is a script for SOtA in the link above that works well and has instructions for setup.
    I think after I modify the script a little more it will be better.
    The biggest reason I like this one better is the bluetooth connection WITHOUT a dongle.
    It may be slower (I don't notice any lag) but it works well and can be connected via a USB cable if you need less lag.

    I'm running Windows 10 with the dreaded anniversary update that gives controllers issues but I got it connected and working with no problems so far.
    I got mine at Bestbuy for $45 with an Amazon price match.

    If you have not used price match at Bestbuy, try it.
    Find an item on Amazon (Sold and Shipped from Amazon) and then ask for a price match.
    I usually show them the ad on my cell phone and they honor it. This saves me lots of gold.

  3. SynthMusic

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    Honestly? I was a beast of a tank in World of Warcraft and I used a nostromo n52 gamepad along with a mouse. I could configure the 4 way directional for movement on the n52 and a whole lot more with all those keys on it. I think that will be the first thing I try in here now that I have the game loaded on my desktop.
  4. Bow Vale

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    Still use my Belkin N52te for everything, its years old now and one of the keys is a little unresponsive, so i may be in the market for a new one myself, think Belkin have stopped making though... i couldn't game with a keyboard now
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  5. Ravalox

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    Dallas, TX
    I use a DeLux T9 gamepad ... cheap (27$ on amazon) and works well.

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