Get Ready to Battle with these Final Instructions!!!

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    Dragomir Mori just North of Aerie
    Battle is to be in Blood Bay to take revenge against the Evil Ones who desecrated our leader, Captain Boris Mondragon. The battle will start at 12 noon (CST) and end about 1 PM (CST)

    Arrive no later than 11:45 and in your places. (on ships or behind castle)

    1. Choose Judge's Watch when entering Blood Bay and run to your left on the shore (water on your right and land on your left) until you are at the Black Sails on your right and the castle is on your left.

    2. Good Guys, wear Pirate Hats, gather on the decks of the Black Sails Pirate Ships. You are welcome to get into groups and even get on your Team Speak or in your Discord Chat or IN DRAGOMIR MORI DISCORD CHAT WHICH MOST OF YOU ARE ON FRIENDS LIST IN THAT CHANNEL.

    3. Bad Guys, wear red, gather behind the castle. You are welcome to get into groups and/or get on your Team Speak or in your Discord Chat

    4. Upon your arrival there will be some of the Evil Ones gleefully dancing on and around the body of Captain Boris. He will be laying between two campfires in front of the Black Sails Pirate Ships.

    5. This will be very near the time for the Battle to begin so BE READY!!!!

    6. I will say in Zone Chat and in voice Discord you have 1 minute to buff. The battle is upon us.

    7. After 1 minute you will see "FIREWORKS" and hear in Zone chat and in Discord voice the word "FIGHT"

    8. There are other creatures and evil Pirate types such as Relic Hunters in the area which you will also have to kill or maybe they will kill you.

    9. When you hear in Zone Chat and Discord Voice: Battle ending. You will then fight to the final death. At that time when you die resurrect at the ankh in front of the castle then enter the castle courtyard.

    10. The last person alive wins the Pirates Treasure.

    11. Top PVP and Bottom PVP person will will prizes as well. I will mail your prize one day this week.
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