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Hitch of a different sort - while playing abc files

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, Audio, & Instruments' started by Toular, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Toular

    Toular Avatar

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    06/21/2020 17:16
    Title: Hitch of a different sort - while playing abc files
    Reproduction Rate: 100%
    Blocker? no
    Details: While playing an abc or band file, get audible hitching. It does not seem to matter which instrument, although I normally play on a 5-Piece One Man Band. The hitch manifests as an interruption in the playing of the music

    When the audible hitch happens I almost without fail see a log message like this in sota_log.txt:
    Unloading 0 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 58)

    Unloading 14 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 451246.
    Total: 1890.997000 ms (FindLiveObjects: 54.760100 ms CreateObjectMapping: 37.371900 ms MarkObjects: 1798.072200 ms DeleteObjects: 0.792300 ms)

    In trying various scenarios for this I found that the number of objects being freed does not seem to matter. It's almost as if it is the logging of the event that causes the hitch, not the actual unloading itself, since it would seem that unloading more objects would create a more noticeable hitch but it does not. On that note ... This logging event produced an audible hitch:

    Unloading 0 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 58)

    Unloading 0 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 451248.
    Total: 1860.469200 ms (FindLiveObjects: 48.617800 ms CreateObjectMapping: 35.890500 ms MarkObjects: 1775.238100 ms DeleteObjects: 0.722200 ms)

    Really? 0 objects unloaded and it felt the need to tell me?

    It's worth noting that this hitch is different than the hitch that affects nearly everyone (myself included) in that while the music is playing, I do see my character "hitch" during the little "dance" they do while playing but the music does not hitch.

    Steps to Reproduce: Play an abc file, or a band file. The longer the song is, the better. During an 8 minute version of "Night in While Satin" band file it happened once. During a 17 minute long performance of "Tubular Bells" there were 2 hitches (both during an unload of 0 objects)

    User Specs:
    OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4) System RAM: 32735
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 GPU RAM: 1996
    Area: Novia_R1_City_Celestis
    Area Display Name: Celestis
    Loc: (470.9, 98.1, -99.5)
    Debug: Tm92aWFfUjFfQ2l0eV9DZWxlc3Rpc3x8KDQ3MC44OTcsIDk4LjExNSwgLTk5LjQ3OSl8KDAsIDAuOCwgMCwgMC42KXwtMTguMzc2NDV8Ny44NTQzMTN8MS4yNQ==