Hood of Truth Pyramid

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    I just took a character through there last night (of course, it was right AFTER the 10x was turned off, that's what I get for playing when the mood strikes me instead of by stats :) ).

    Previously, the quest to get the Hood of Truth was too difficult -- most of it was easy, but the lever was very well hidden. Finding it truly was a challenge, and the emotional triumph of succeeding (and the ego boo of watching streamers unsuccessfully hunt for it until you drop them hints) was a better reward than the Hood itself. However, it definitely approached the "this is no longer fun, just frustrating" level. If people who are racing through without actually observing their environment miss the lever, I'm all for that. But people who are using their brains and actually hunting for it shouldn't have to get frustrated while they pass straight by it five times and still can't find it without hints. So I'm good with making it easier.

    I don't know when the change was made, but it's easier now, all right. But as usual, Catnip went way too far in the other extreme. It's no longer a quest anymore -- it's just another undead combat, with no thought or puzzle involved in getting there.

    The journal entry now tells you specifically to look for a pyramid (although I believe Gus only mentions ruins and not specifically a pyramid). The journal should be a reminder of information the NPC has given you, not give you new information you haven't had any realistic way to obtain. Telling the character it's a pyramid is fine, Gus would know that and it doesn't remove any challenge, just helps you know you're looking in the right place when you find it, since there are multiple ruins in the scene. Telling players it's a pyramid is fine, but Gus and the journal need to be consistent on that.

    However, the journal now also specifically tells you which side the entrance is on. Why!?! There were only four options, that even on my computer can be explored in a matter of seconds. AND there's now a compass marker that specifically tells you where the lever is, AND it specifically tells you that it's a lever you need, AND it tells you these things before you've gotten anywhere near the pyramid. And when you do get there, the lever is now marked with that horrible flashing blue so that you can't miss it.

    Guys, our players are NOT Maxine's age. Please, please remember that. There is nothing wrong with expecting us to look around our environment and spend a few minutes thinking about how to proceed. Quests do NOT equal combat. If the only challenge to the player is in the combat, it is no longer a quest, and it's not going to entertain folks who enjoy questing in its own right. The game desperately needs rewards (and emotional rewards are the most important kind) for players who enjoy things other than keypad killing, and instead of adding them, you've just taken one away. Finding the pyramid, then finding its entrance, and figuring out how to get in was a fun challenge. It was exactly the kind of content that the game needs more of. And now you've taken that away. Why????

    In this case, the only change that was needed was moving some of the weeds around the lever so that it was no longer hidden even when you were looking directly at it. That would have removed pretty much all the frustration level and made the quest easy while still keeping it AS a quest. Having Gus and the journal specify a pyramid would also be a good change. A compass marker for the lever that shows up only after you've passed next to it, that wouldn't be a bad thing. But this level of handholding is an insult to the player, and it takes the fun out of the game.
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    Oh, it's been so long, I forgot all about that. And how awful and poorly thought out it was. It sucked to talk to an NPC, then have to go into your journal to get all the rest of the info you needed to go on to the next step in the quest. Maybe not a bad idea to remind @Sannio and @Elgarion not to do this in the new quests they're planning.
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