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[Info needed] Devotional Buffs.

Discussion in 'Release 44 Bug Forum' started by AmethystSky, Aug 20, 2017.

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  1. AmethystSky

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    Title: Stand in devotional and don't receive buff.

    Reproduction Rate: about 75%

    Blocker? No

    Details: I can stand in a devotional for like 5 minutes, jump around inside, jump in and out and not receive buff. After doing this for a few minutes I walk circles around outside of devotional and I get the buff. Guildies tell me this should not happen that it was a bug already fixed. I have even tried to log out and back in. I have this happen in a player owned town Elementum (there most frequently) but have reproduce it 2 other player owned towns. Sometimes I can get 1 buff right away and the 2nd takes 5 minute or the opposite happens and it takes minutes to get 1st and I jump in and get 2nd right away. Sometime I go through all this for both buffs. It does not seem to matter which type of devotional I'm trying to get a buff from. I have on 3 occasions receive buff just by walking along the side of the devotional and not jumping in.
    Character made after last reset, only been playing the last 2 weeks. Problem has happened the whole 2 weeks.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Walk up to devotional
    Jump in. Walk around inside. Jump around inside.
    Jump out
    Jump back in.
    Jump out
    Walk around outside.
    Repeat until I get buff.

    User Specs: Laptop Windows 8 64bit AMD-A10 AMD Radeon 16GB Win.64.645
  2. Gamician

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    @AmethystSky . Reporting this issue is truly appreciated. It has been added to the Bug Reporting System for Development Team review.
  3. Lexie

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    Do you tend to experience lag in the game? Do you maybe play on a wireless connection? I ask because the devotional calculates what it should give you by what's in the PoT - the lots - so it requires the scene to fully load properly.
    Can you use /bug in game and paste that information here so we can see some more system specs please?

    Here is a post about the system requirements, if it helps you :)

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