Introducing the Library of Rumors and the Novian Cooking Repository

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    Nestled within the Player Owned Town of Dragomir Mori, I have set up a library that contains many of the rumors to most all of the side quests that are available in the game (I still need to add a few more).

    You can find the location of the Library and Cooking Repository here:


    The rumors contained in each volume only are rumors that will give you a general direction on where to begin each of these side quests. They do not contain any complete spoilers or walk-through. That's up to you.

    I also have The Novian Cooking Repository:


    This will (eventually) contain every single cooking food that is craftable in the game. I have a good basic selection (as well as the 3 new Unicorn dishes) in there currently.

    The chest is set to allow someone to donate a food item (please just donate 1 dish, if you wish, for something that is not already in there).

    Viewing these food items within the chest will allow you to always see the 100% accurate stats of any food item and the current stats on them in as they are currently on Live.

    I wanted to create an in-game way for people to actually find information about the various side quests, and is completely free and open to the public. As well as all of the various food dishes in the game.

    So please feel free to come and visit this.


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