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Making Dungeons

Discussion in 'Release 58 QA Feedback' started by jiirc, Sep 26, 2018.

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    I was lucky enough to get a dungeon building kit from a dev earlier and I had a riot building dungeons. (I was shocked when I got a whisper for a dev telling me that they dropped off a dresser full of dungeon goodies for me to play with.) I must say I enjoyed the 3 dungeons I built: one on a row lot, one on a village lot, and one on a town lot. The one on the town lot was the most fun as I could place many of the bigger dungeon rooms.

    Overall, the dungeons were easy to put together. The hardest part was imagining in my head how the paths were turning and snaking back on each other. Without a way to see the bigger picture, it was difficult to get two hallways to join up with each when you build out from two sides of the room at once. Haivng either a way to look at the dungeon from outside the pieces would be a blessing. (And I understand why something like this isn't in game yet.) You can use the location command to get an idea of where your two ends of the hallway are, and hopefully you read the nubers right so that you can hook them up when they meet up. The other alternative is to graph the dungeons out, but the loot drop dungeons don't have a width. height, and length that can be easily figured out. So having that information would make life a lot better when trying to layout and plot your dugeon.

    The same problem exists when you are blindly placing pieces and double back onto a hllway or room. There's no indication why you can't place the piece, so it is hit-and-miss at times.

    I ran into no bugs whe placing pieces. While the UI is a work in progress, I didn't find flipping through the ieces that bad. But if there were more pieces, I could see it being a problem. Here's hoping that they can give a drop down or a filter or something to narrow down the pieces you want.

    I only ran into one bug, where two pieces reverted back to their original position after you left the dungeon and came back in. [There is another bug right now where when you 'pick' a piece back up, the piece's points aren't subtracted from the points total. I suspect both bugs will be fixed before things become live.

    There is two glaring things that I hope they have on the books to implement.
    1) It's nice that you can go back and change existing pieces just by choosing a new pice. However, if there are pieces that were attached to the old piece, they aren't deleted. So you have to go through and pick up the pieces before you make a major change to an exisiting piece.

    2) If you want to delete a bunch of pieces you need to delete them one at a time and set each one to None. There's no way to set a piece to None and have all the pieces to the end of the hallway to get removed as well. (I can see a problem with this if you've created a circular hallway. Where's the end?)

    3) It is almost impossible to add a room into an existing pathway. I had some long hallways and wanted to add a room in the hallway. it was a 3x3 room and the hallway was a 5 unit long hallway, so it would fit. I realized that I wanted to do this after I had laid out about 140 points of pieces, so it was fairly ong dungeon. And I wanted to place the piece near the beginning of the dugeon. Well there wasn't a way to break the path and add in the room. I envision somm issues with that as long as the camera is restricted to the avatar. And I can understand why the camera is restricted to the avatar's view, and with some respects I like having the having the restricted camara. But I hope they can find a way to let us break a path, remove a few pieces, and stich it back up by adding newer pieces.
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    First I saw the same issues as you @jiirc but I guess the issue with 1) is, that they don't allow unconnected parts in a dungeon. So if you have a circle than it should be no issue to remove one part of the circle. And if thats how it works, than you can solve also issue 3 with it. Just connect piece 1 and 5 with an alternate route and than remove piece 2,3,4 and set a new piece.
    Will test that out this evening, since I want to create dungeon, where I just need to change a few halls to create a new dungeon.
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