Monthly Kahli (RP-PVP POT) Writing Contest, Up to $30 Add-on Store Credit Awarded Monthly!

Discussion in 'Reoccurring & Future Events' started by Elgarion, Jun 6, 2017.

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    Hi there! Elgarion here. Thought I'd throw a bit more prizes into my monthly bin of prizes awarded for creative writers (and soon to be artists when I get the art module finished at RPOTA.COM). From now on, if I notice any of the winning entries at RPOTA.COM featuring lore about Kahli, I'll chip in an extra $10 bucks of add-on store credit for the prize. This will in no way influence how I pick my winners, by any means, but it'll just be a little added thank you for visiting and sharing a story about Kahli.

    Of note, and this announcement serves as an excellent example -- anyone wishing to augment RPOTA.COM prizes with added bonuses like this, feel free! I won't keep track of them for you, but if you see winning entries which meet criteria you advertise, be sure to award those players with a little extra for promoting your criteria with their creativity!
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