New player looking for guild (EUish)

Discussion in 'Player Guilds & Groups' started by Rubakai, Aug 15, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    Been playing Shroud for a few weeks now and really enjoying it so looking to join an active guild for some group play (happy to try anything). Have already looked at the helpful list, but mainly posting to see if there are guilds with active members playing around the EU timezone (12pm CST) as this is mainly when I can play. Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Rubakai :)

    Our guild has people active 24/7, a few Europeans and people in the Oceania time zones as well - you're more than welcome to come check us out and if you decide you want to explore another guild, no hard feelings.
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    Jade Valley & Wizards Rest
    Hi ya Rubakai, there are lots of good guilds in the game, and a fantastic community.
    You are welcome to check out the Jade Dragons, we have people in many different time zones, including European.
    Feel free to contact us . Our leader is Mal Hari (in-game name)
    Officers include (in-game names): Elnoth, Lily Byrd, Safronia Graemalkyn, Merrik Dragon, Froji, One Zero, and Rinaldi.

    Or if ya wanna contact us in the forums, you can message me (@Rinaldi) or @Mal Hari here in the forums.

    We are all easy going and have a no-pressure guild. Play how you want, and contribute what you want. We have all kinds of members: grinders, role players, crafters, high level, low level, tamers, bards, people who like to play solo, people who like to group, questers, etc. So we have lots of helpful players to help players of every level regardless of their play style and build.
    Here is more info about us.

    See ya around!
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