Novia Market 2nd Annual Yuletide Giveaway - Shop and Win!

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    Announcing the 2nd Annual Novia Market Yuletide Giveaway!

    When: December 1st, midnight NBT - December 31st, midnight NBT
    Where: Novia Market, located just south of Britanny along the road

    What it is:

    For the ENTIRE month of December, ANY purchase made at an eligible vendor (see map below) will enter you into a prize drawing! 1 entry per purchase at an eligible vendor PER day (example: 15 participating vendors, if you purchase an item from each = 15 entries for the day).

    The PRIZES include:

    1 MILLION in GOLD prizes (and not just small amounts - 2 x 250k is up for grabs!)
    Furniture (including sets!)!!!!!
    10k in COTO's!

    Rares and other nice things -- (Empty Land rows, Homes, Tax Free Village Lot deed, Eternal Patterns, Seasonal Deco, Dungeon set pieces, etc.)
    Resources and rare crafting mats!

    GM crafted items!
    ...and much, much more! (I would list everything, but there is so much!)

    The drawing for prizes will be held January 3rd @ 1900 NBT (location inside NoMa TBD!)

    Additional vendors may be added to the map, so check back before shopping!

    Vendors and Map:

    1. Robyn Hood, Adam Crow, Lace Delamorte (Lace - Armor and Weapons vendors only)
    2. Kron Caledon
    3. shawn
    4. Yigg Endimion
    5. Swish
    6. D'Laein Lachlan
    7. Bjorn Dyonysis or Terrence Phillip
    9. Corina Napar
    10. Taikee Vetrae
    11. Tardis
    12. Scanphor
    13. Emmory Watson
    14. Bookin Air
    15. Phenyx
    16. Lace Delamorte

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