Novia Market R60 Grandmaster Bundles

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    NoMa Grandmastery Bundles (R60)

    Every month we are offering four professional-grade bundles:
    1. Adventurer's Bundle - some of the highest grade gear available in the land, ready to take a novice adventurer to the journeyman level! This month we are featuring armor from Robyn Hood (@ldykllr )!

    2. Crafter's Bundle - Are you an aspiring crafter? This month we are offering a MEGA Bundle with all the mats to get you started in all 5 crafting skills (Cooking, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Alchemy)!

    3. Music Bundle - For all our music lovers out there! This bundle has all the instruments you could ever want, courtesy of @Kron Caledon with a special selection of music selected by @Lace !

    4. Consumable Bundle - A great selection of food and potions to help you on your adventures throughout Novia, courtesy of @Zeetocht !

    These bundles will be raffled on December 28th (2 weeks after R61 release - extended due to short release schedule). Tickets are on sale now and priced especially for beginners at 500gp each bundle.

    No matter how many tickets a character purchases, they will only get a single chance at winning that bundle - so purchase only one ticket per bundle!

    We are hosting the ticket vendors and a display table of what each bundle entails at Market Square, at the south end of NoMa (if you check in with the town crier, it is the only City lot in town and under Governor Robyn Hood's name). As you wander past all of our merchants, please do some window shopping and take a look at what all of our residents have to offer!

    (Screenshots below to help you find your way).


    Ben & Robyn


    Location of the Market Square in Novia Market