P.O.T. Feature Spotlight - This week is "Knight's Watch" (Aster Cerberus, Guvner)

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    What: Streaming Expired house tours for a bit
    THEN we have @Astor Cerberus joining us for a focused feature look at his Municipality of Knight's Watch, learning it's history tradition and goals
    When: Sunday 03/31/19 11 AM Central
    Where: The events channel of Shroud of the Avatar
    In Game -Starting at the City of Knight's Watch Located JUST S.E. of Kingsport Then progressing to various Locations (or simply listen and follow along at https://www.twitch.tv/kaizen_strava)
    • Because it might be fun.
    • Help people learn about different types of housing and different towns in the game.
    Who: Kaizen Strava , @Indhira Dahgda @Astor Cerberusand any volunteers who want to Get a good look at houses and towns.
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