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Discussion in 'Release 58 QA Feedback' started by Feeyo, Sep 22, 2018.

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  1. Feeyo

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    Aelasar’s Forest
    This build (744) seems very solid, performance pretty good. And I did the default hunting scene where there has always been hitching in release, I have had no hitching at all.

    As always with the QA no hitching. Now I am wondering are u guys using the exact same database for QA as in release? If so, are the live and QA on the same server?

    Is there a possibility to just fully swap QA with release server?
    Have you guys found the issue on this hitching at all?
    Is it a Unity network issue? if so, have you guys contacted Unity about it?

    If these servers are GNU/Linux servers, have you guys thought about doing a full custom performance kernel build with a tweaked TCP/IP stack? (I could help out with that (FOR FREE)).
    If you guys are running some default distro as server OS, have you guys thought about moving to another distro? (I could help out configuring a high performance GNU/Linux distro that will outperform all other distros. (FOR FREE)).

    If you guys are running a microsoft windows OS as the server OS:
    Did you guys up the TCP connections?
    Is there the possibility to move to GNU/Linux as the server OS?

    If you are running the servers on a instanced cloud somewhere, lets say photon. Did you contact those guys about the performance issues??

    As I am so getting fed up with the big performance differences on every QA and release.
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  2. Barugon

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    I played some last night and, other than scene loading, there was no hitching. However, this is typical on QA so I fully expect it to be crap on live again.
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  3. Sentinel2

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    QA server looks decent overall. Very little lag / hitching. I mainly play in Open Mode. I'm curious why it's usually great on QA but fluctuates on Production.
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