Preposed Rules for group events , control points

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    1/ Respect yr fellow players
    2/ Take orders from the group leader only
    3/ ATT (actuation ) Wait for everyone in the group to achieve, ive been in several groups over the last week where the leader calls att everyone leave after 35 min. then exits leaving players behind .
    4/ AFK or non participation ,leave if you can no longer Participate, this lets some one else join or let the leader know if you need to answer the phone go to the loo , put dinner on etc most will let you do that.
    5/ Request to change your job / pet etc if you cant for fill your assigned roll healer etc then say so , there is most likely some one who can either help or take over Share you task,
    Some of us tank , some heal , Tanks take pride in there job and it cost them major Gold to fix there armor , most have several set which they change to keep going,
    6/ Please tell the group if you need a bio break or other reason for being afk , so you don't get booted
    &/Don't leave the control point and leave some on hanging , in the old days death carried a heavy price several 100k xp per death, look after your fellow players.
    7/ If you need regs or ammunition's make sure you have it Before the start, most players carry extra but it is a pain Trying to transfer during play.
    8/ Tardy ness , late to start XX:15 means we start at 15min past the hour ,NOT 20 min Not 35 min, everyone is waiting for you , its a group event , if you going to be late let the leader know , its polite.

    Several older players will boot you out of the group for non Compliance.
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