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    NOTICE: the first event of the month for Order of Vengeance is usually a pvp tournament... we'll be canceling that this month and changing it... if you are of virtue we request you come and hang out and talk about pvp and the future of SotA... if you are not we request you come and kill those standing around and talking.

    If there's no fighting it's because the PKers didn't show... if there is only death it's because the virtuous didn't show to protect those of us who are still weak and unable to protect ourselves (this includes me... I've been having a lot of stability issues and haven't been able to level yet).

    WHEN: We request the overthrowing of Vengeance start at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 6pm pacific and go until everyone is tired of fighting... all night?
    EDIT: to be clear this is a repeating pvp event that's held on the first Saturday of the month... so the time applies to the existing event that is scheduled for 9pm eastern on Saturday​
    WHERE: Player town of Vengeance.
    WHO: Those with COURAGE should come and fight against those who would seek to overthrow our town. We thank those who aide us during this time potentially full of peril.

    PRIZE: Bragging rights... come overthrow us before our guards get back into the swing of things ;)